Saturday, AUGUST 1Mercury opposes Pluto this morning, and we can face some pressure to deal with problem areas. There can be mental tension, paranoid thoughts, or excessive suspicion. We might either feel a compulsive need to talk and question or to withhold information. We can too quickly become embroiled inRead More →

Happiness Is An Inside Job

Happiness or to be happy is something that we are all of the hunt for, we associate happiness with success, love and ultimately perfection. And this is fine we all have desires to be happy and in love and to be financially secure. But, one thing I’ve come to know in my own journey is that happiness is a process that starts withinRead More →

Mercury In Pisces

Hey! Today is March 16th and below is the General Astrology Forecast. Mercury Moved Into Pisces. Here’s how this can play out. Read below. IF you have any questions, just ask me. This write up is HUGE! “ Putting The “Pisces Together – What Pisces Energy Affects Pisces Represents TheRead More →