April 9 -May 3 Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2017 Unearths Your Soul Gold

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Ready, Get Set, Retrograde

Planets retrograde all the time, But Mercury Retrogrades get the limelight when it comes around. Which Is not surprising since Mercury symbolically rules communications related to listening, speaking, reasoning, understanding, Televisions texts, emails, all things travel related – Cars, Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Electronics, Machinery. and business activities. When it is moving freely forward, it facilitates the negotiations of contracts, the scheduling of travel, productivity of computers, the clarity of interactions with others, and much more.

 When Mercury retrogrades  miscommunication easily occur,  computers crash, trains are late, and the potential to overlook important details in contracts increases. It is not a good time to sign contracts that last, initiate new programs that succeed, purchase large items such as computers, appliances, and especially cars that function as desired. I once bought a car while Mercury was retrograde. It was a “lemon” from day one.

My brother bought a laptop during a retrograde not only did he have problems with it( it crashed) It found out shortly after purchasing the laptop that he didn’t really need all the things he was talked into, but, once the retrograde passed the computer was on sell for about about $400.00 less!

To be frank, Breakdowns happen all the time, things break. But the emphasis on what is going on is amplified most during a retrograde. The breakdowns and glitches that become more frequent during Mercury Retrograde periods could be viewed as uproariously humorous, but most often they leave us disappointed, confused or feeling devastated.

Knowing when Mercury retrogrades (3-4 times a year for three weeks) will allow you to clean up loose ends and set your house in order so you will be ready when Mercury turns to direct motion. That is a signal that new opportunities for growth may arise to increase your potential for success. Knowing this, you avoid “bad timing” for your new initiatives.

This Retrograde has a call to action; Check Yourself, Before you Wreck Yourself!

A re-visitation to the golden rule: Are you doing unto others as you would want other to do unto you?

Contrary to popular  belief, Retrogrades are not the Universe’s way of saying F*ck You!  They are a call to action and sometimes an opportunity for a second chance.  Mercury is going back into Aries from Taurus, But its going to a very critical degree, the 29th degree.

Anytime a planet or sign is at the 29th degree, it indicates change.  Because its time to change into something else. Usually, something better.  However, there can be some issues here because its as if there’s resistance to change because it’s new territory. completely unknown.

Mercury In Aries at 29 degrees says its time to grow up.

Mercury in Aries is quick thinking, the thought process is like pulling the trigger on a gun, it shoots out and is ready to go,  does first and asks questions later, hates delays and doesn’t want to bother with opposition or an alternative view or opinion and how something should be done. Mercury In Aries makes the person very argumentative fond of disputes, quick at wordplay, with a tendency to exaggerate “truths” about themselves, Leading egotistical behavior

This is a time when words are just “blurted out” with forethought, or information or advice can cause Mercury to be very defensive OR May even seem bully-ish. Mercury in Aries doesn’t allow for sufficient time to “process” what is being said because Mercury In Aries, has more than likely already started working on the new idea that has appeared.

During this transit, Mercury really doesn’t mean any harm, it’s like a child who calls someone “fat or huge” without the follow through that while it could be true, it doesn’t have to be said out loud. It’s innocent but the words have already been said and could hurt the feelings of the person that they were speaking about. While this is really child like, because Aries, is the baby of the Zodiac. It comes from a innocent place but can lead  to continual life crisis.

Since Aries is too subjective to evaluate and analyze self accurately, it is essential that the individual study other people, study how they react to the Arian personality and CARE about the reactions of others because “individualization is only of value when it exists in contact with others.

On March 31st Mercury rolled on into Taurus, guns blazing and hit a wall. Because Communications in Taurus is NOTHING Like the what’s above.  Unlike Mercury in Aries, This transit will allow you to speak deliberately, not on a whim. You will not want waste your words.  like the example given above,

Mercury in Taurus, is a slow speaker, in the sense that a Mercury in Taurus person would observe the scenario and consider how the outcomes of what they say can be received.  so Mercury In Taurus would not just blurt out the fact that someone is overweight. Mercury in Taurus has learned that words in fact can do some damage and therefore, they choose not to say anything at all.

This Mercury retrograde transit will probably also having you prepared to take another look at your business and financial relationships that are present. Its best to use this transit to look at how you approach and value money.

How to use this retrograde for improvement and discovering Soul Gold

Collectively, I feel that we are being called to review a situation as a whole and not in fragmented pieces, We must find a way to connect and communicate in a way that doesn’t offend but also doesn’t sweep the issue under the rug. Speaking of Trivial issues will no longer benefit. NO More exaggerated condemnations of ourselves and others with negativity . We are all worthy of honest yet respectable conversations with others.

Mercury wants to build a bridge between creative ideas (Aries)  and actually materializing(Taurus) them a practical way for the long haul.  I find it interesting that there are a couple of retrogrades relating to Aries- the sign of self and new beginnings. Venus is retrograde in Aries, headed back to pieces the sign of deep, unconditional love which will begin to go direct on April 15th. Click here for the article) Which asks us to refine our view of LOVE not only a personal level but in a spiritual way.

Its definitely a time of fresh approaches and rebirths. A time to be true to ourselves but no forgetting our “neighbor” as well.

This really is a beautiful time of growth and renewal but many will miss this opportunity. It’s like God is saying “ok, ya’ll get it together”  The best way to handle this retrograde is too turn inward and re-evaluate your plans for the future.

Don’t get sidetracked and distracted by delays that you may experience, get flexible, insert humor and flexibility. Allow time for traffic, get up a little earlier and allow yourself some extra time to arrive safely to your destination. Try no to sign contracts that you would be responsible for, for extensive amounts of time because there is a possibility that the contract will need to be renegotiated or there could be unnecessary misunderstandings.

Recheck your emails and texts before sending them out to ensure that they are being sent to the right person. Take time to get your personal and business endeavors in order. Re organize things, Most importantly, re evaluate HOW you communicate with others, could there be changes made to your tone of voice when speaking, what does your Body Language say? When you experience a delay or opposition, How communicate your discontent, do you take your anger out on everyone or do you internalize your anger and self sabotage and say degrading things to yourself?

Review and Redo your Reactions. Once this transit passes you’ll be glad you slowed down and found ways to make your make your life work more smoothly.

Live Long and Prosper, Folks


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