Mercury In Pisces

What Is Soulfully Elite Astrology About?

Soulfully Elite Astrology is all about you and your path to divine awakening.  Here I teach you the RIGHT way to use astrology in the way that it was intended, to show you how YOU were destined and HOW to carry out your soul’s true purpose. As your astrologist and self development coach, we really tap into the energetic sources that we experience everyday. Soulfully Elite is about building your spiritual muscle and aligning you to highest self.

There’s SO Many Astrology Websites, What Makes Soulfully Elite Different?

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions —-


  1. What makes me different from other people around me?

2. Why Do I exist, Why Am I here?

3. What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

4. What Direction should I be headed in?

5. What is my calling or purpose in life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are certainly on the right path of self awareness and are beginning to recognize the call from your higher self. In order to unlock the door to the truth that you are seeking, then you must learn to understand that the key lies in opening the door to the unconscious mind in order to help you discover the beauty and the power of who you really are.

Soulfully Elite Astrology is all about you and astrology for helping you to fully comprehend your human design and your life plan that Source/ God assigned to you at the exact moment of your birth.  Using Astrology as a key, further helps you get to the real you as well as others even better.

How? What do the planets really have to do with me? 

Astrologically speaking, each planet in our solar system has certain vibrations which each of us react to unconsciously. We can call these vibrations Urges or Inclinations. Each planet has its own set of vibrational influences or rules and they operate differently depending on which zodiac sign that they are in by transit and depending on where they are located in your natal chart or the instructions of your consciousness.

Here at Soulfully Elite, The focus is on Conscious Spiritual/Self Development.  Here we dive into every aspect as your life to understand the opportunities through astrological house placements, discover your calling and break down the purpose of the planetary energy influences and how they affect you in an individual way. This type of astrology goes beyond your Sun Sign or Mercury Retrogrades. At Soulfully Elite, We get to the WHY of a transit and Pull back the veil on WHERE you’ll need to get busy on your spiritual journey.

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