Saturday, AUGUST 1
Mercury opposes Pluto this morning, and we can face some pressure to deal with problem areas. There can be mental tension, paranoid thoughts, or excessive suspicion. We might either feel a compulsive need to talk and question or to withhold information. We can too quickly become embroiled in power struggles. However, if we aim to learn from our resentment, it can bring us closer to understanding what we truly want.
The Moon spends the day in the sign of Capricorn, aligning with Jupiter this evening. We’re reaching for our joy, and we are seeking to grow, expand, and improve. The Moon in Capricorn is earthy, practical, and wise, and Capricorn’s particular wisdom is most apparent around the Moon’s alignment with Jupiter. Our ability to plan for the future benefits us now.

Today’s Current Planetary Positions
Sun in Leo @9 Degrees
Moon in Capricorn @ 11 Degrees
Mercury in Cancer @ 23 Degrees
Venus in Gemini @24 Degrees
Mars in Aries @ 18 Degrees
Jupiter in Capricorn @ 20 Degrees Retrograde
Saturn in Capricorn @ 27 Degrees Retrograde
Uranus in Taurus @ 10 Degrees
Neptune in Pisces @ 20 Degrees Retrograde
Pluto In Capricorn @ 23 Degrees Retrograde
North Node in Gemini @ 26 Degrees