Me Reading My Natal Chart

  What Is A Natal Chart? A natal chart is the cornerstone of learning how to correctly apply astrology Its the instructions that you came into this world with Think of it of your life script. In a natal chart you’ll discover where the planets influence your everyday life. ItsRead More →

Feeling Inspirational, Intuitive, Receptive??  Read About Todays Energy Coming Your Way! A quick tip on How to Understand the Planetary Influences/ Definitions given in a horoscope Conjunctions like the ones we’re experiencing today, are important because there’s at least two influnces at play trying to get your attention, in thisRead More →

This solar year for you will be centered around reorganization and discipline, after all, with age comes evolution, The year ahead will demand hard work at remodeling and renovating your goals or a particular area of your life. Wherever your personal Sun is where these things will come up and You may want or need to start over or rebuild in this area.Read More →

Full Moon  in Cancer ♋️ Today we have a full moon today. It will be completely full at 11:21 am this morning. What is a full moon about?Factually speaking, The full moon occurs when Earth is located between the Sun and the Moon. I love this description because it illustrates exactlyRead More →