It’s Ya Birthday February 5, 2020 Horoscope

Go Shorty. Its Ya Birthday!!

Today is your first birthday of the new decade and it’s you solar return, which is just the fancy astrological way to describe that sun is in the exact position it was on the day you were born. Congrats on making it this far.


Some traits that you may have if its your birthday

  1. The ability to surprise people.
  2. A strong intuition
  3. You are original and march to beat of your own drum.
  4. You are very kind and considerate but it takes something special to stir up your sensitive side.
  5. You can be a little stubborn

General Overview Of The Year Ahead

With the Sun and Moon in harmony in your Solar Return chart, this year should be aimed at finding balance and setting a pace that you can maintain properly. you are able to achieve a decent balance between your professional and personal life.

There will be plenty of opportunities to learn to handle both very well. This will add an sense of ease with your social interactions. Be on the lookout for opportunities to help solidify your goals, doing this can help you be at the top of your game and boost your confidence, which is rewarding in itself.

You should have plenty of opportunities to grow and improve your relationships this year, Certain elements that you have been focused on in your social and financial lives are stabilized, secured, and more reliable this year.

This is a powerful year for business and money, as you’re inclined to manage your resources more mindfully and strategically.Your finances could also improve dramatically this year, generally due to your increased ability to devise new ways to manage your money and cut out frivolous expenses.


You may solidify a romantic relationship, or become involved with an older or mature partner, or meet someone that will serve as a type of mentor to you and the furthering of your success. There may be some issues that come up to show you which relationships you’ve outgrown. Strong existing relationships are likely to grow and transform in rewarding ways. You’ll become more conscious and intentional in feeding the mutual supportive relationships that are in your life.
New ideas and new methods are headed your way that you use can help open up your life in key ways, and friendships are fulfilling. Relationships are mind-opening and rewarding in the year ahead, and cooperation comes easily.

You might enjoy helping people, teaching, and growing through your connections. Or will find that others are willing to help you and you teach you.

This solar year for you will be centered around reorganization and discipline, after all, with age comes evolution, The year ahead will demand hard work at remodeling and renovating your goals or a particular area of your life. Wherever your personal Sun is where these things will come up and You may want or need to start over or rebuild in this area.

You’ll be presented with situations that will spur the motivation that you need to feel driven to achieve and accomplish something. If you follow me on facebook, you’ll see the meme That awesome ends in – ME and there’s no coincedence there 😉

How to Maximize Your Potential In the Upcoming Future


Bear in mind that this a general interpretation and introduction of the theme of the year ahead. If you want to get the full picture of what’s possible, I offer transit reports that will let you know exactly when and where to expect action in various areas of your life.
 For example, your sun sign may progress into a new sign which heralds big changes to your inner growth and personality. Your personal moon may change signs which indicates how you will emotionally respond to environment and your needs may change—

 I remember a couple years ago, my moon which was in Libra when I was born had moved into Capricorn, so I become much more clear in how I expressed myself emotionally and was able to recognize some things that were draining to me. My approach became more mature and concise, and that was super helpful, although challenging at some times, I grew as a person. Or if are you going through a rough patch, Saturn, which influences and brings setbacks and obstacles might be to blame and it’s effects can last up to two years!!! Having the insight on how to navigate this, is super beneficial.

If you’ve ever had a time in your life where you noticed a shift in the way you do things, or you have that “ all of a sudden, it just changed moment.” This is because although you may not know it, there was some movement in your natal chart or your personality type that moved moves whether you wanted them to or not. This is why a personal transit planetary report and having your natal chart is so important, it equips you with a game plan for upcoming developments that are just about you. Your natal chart is your owners manual and instructions that were put into motion at the time of your birth and it’s always changing.

You can order yours or gift one to a friend or loved ones here . It’s honestly one of the best things that you can do for yourself, especially if you are on a journey of self and/or spiritual discovery and need to figure yourself out