Final Return of The Mercury Retrograde of 2017 – Dec 3- Dec 23rd 2017

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” Imma let you finish, but”….

‘Tis the season of mercury retrograde, Mercury is heading back in time for the final time in 2017. This mercury retrograde is in fire sign of Sagittarius. I know most articles you read about Mercury Retrogrades will have you not wanting to do anything but hide underneath a rock. But that’s not necessary, If you make yourself aware of the energy and prepare yourself, you can slide through this retrograde period like one of your thirsty exes slides in your DM’s during the holidays. Confidently ans Smoothly.

What you need to know

This retrograde period takes place on Dec 3- Dec 23rd,  Retrograde periods last about 20-22 days, Luckily, this period ends just right before most family Christmas gatherings. By the time Christmas Day rolls around Mercury( communications)  will still be a little woozy but the chance of BIG disagreements will be less likely or at least on a smaller scale.

If you are new to astrology, Mercury in astrology is the planet that influences how we communicate, translate information in order to communicate with others. Mercury visits every single zodiac sign throughout the year, it also retrogrades on average 3-4 a year. Hence, the fact that we all have our own individual expression of communication.

This transit review in the area of communications gives us the chance to go back and review and revisit areas of our general lives. So we now have the chance to reevaluate what was going on in our lives around November 11 – Until Dec 3rd. Think back to what was the theme of what was going on in your life at that time. If you can’t remember go check your social media accounts or check any pictures you may have taken during this time to jog your memory.


Time to Hold your horses!

When Mercury is in a fire sign as it is now, the symbolism surrounds the areas of the soul and the body. The body is the vehicle for the soul, and the inspired soul represents the core of creative forces or your intuition. Intuition in this particular instance doesn’t represent “psychic abilities” but the ability to envision the past, present, and the future of all the possibilities that are available to you in all things.  In your journey through life we are not simply made of our past but our futures as well.

One of the characteristics of this retrograde will be highlighting areas of your life where you could be lacking direction. This retrograde is here to assist with breaking up old patterns of your creative expression. Some of which are no longer useful in order to move forward.

During these 3 weeks, You may feel the need or angst to make decisions or attempts to get started on something new, haphazardly, This urge creates a sensation of “inspiration”. Because chances are there are areas of life that you may be “feeling stuck” or like you are not making much traction is meeting your goals.

Reaching a place of discontent or feeling stuck is needed in order to further your development, This brings pressure to a bursting point, forcing growth and allowing undeveloped potential to flow from the unconscious.  There the possibility of frustration, but its essential to recognize that there have to be times when you go within yourself in order to alert oneself to a need for change in creative production.

Under this retrograde transit, any nagging thoughts or unresolved thoughts will be given the opportunity to come forward again in order to be rehashed and released.





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