Full Moon in Sagittarius – The Lamp Unto Your Path

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I like to think the moon represents the “mind – feelings, emotions, needs that gauges the outward expression of sun signs. When the sun shines or is view of others, You cannot miss it. But the moon is hidden, while the sun shines  (around others) we may act or be viewed in a way the either neglects our moon(mind) or reflects it.

The sun burns bright, if you ever take a glimpse at it and dare to stare a little longer than you should then you may have noticed that once  you look away you are left with a brief glimpse of a round planet like ball. ( the inner being)  briefly burned into your vision . If you’re anything like me, you feel solemn for a moment because you get a vapor view of what the sun “looks” like without all that shines and power  and you wonder what its real intention are. and this makes me remember the moon inner being that exists behind all the brightness.

On June 8th, we are experiencing a full moon in Sagittarius. The Full Moon is equivalent to the birthing phase of the moon, and the “baby” is ready to be released from the inner world of Mother. It marks a time of reflection, of change and most importantly release because there is a phase that is now coming to an end and brings forth a new cycle. An example that can be used is of a woman’s menses, each month a woman body releases an egg (new moon) and it travels through the potential Mother for a few weeks,  During the cycle the egg will either ends its phase by shedding the lining of the “home environment” and releases what was old and can no longer be used or it sends the signal to the body to begin the new task of preparing the body for the new environment for the embryo it seals the home environment and begins sowing the womb for a harvest (a baby)

It seems to me that there is a silent but natural law that we are to keep going when we “fall down” on this amazing race of life, If we endure, If we release and dare to be honest about what is no longer working for us in order to move forward to create a better home(life) environment for us. There are situations that occur in life that seems to add stress to our situations to bring the attention that we need to make changes to.

For this full moon, we are receiving the call to define our boundaries of how far we are willing to go to the get our needs met. The invitation that  we are being asked to attend is one of finding courage to speak and live our truth, What or we do we need to confront truthfully to establish boundaries without the validation of being “right”, there is no longer the availability of the wide open spaces on life terrain, we’ve got some building to do with one another.

Boundaries are a good thing they allow us to mark our proper territory, so that we know how to mend and attend to our fences. How do we protect ourselves, without secluded ourselves from one another? We draw a line that define our boundaries.

The Moon is associated with feelings, the level of nurturing we give and receive, the relationship with the mother or close feminine examples in your life, how we satisfy our needs and what we wish for.  Sagittarius is the sign of Freedom and The Truth we know instinctively is ours.  How we discover our truth because it may foreign to what we told to believe which translates to education and how we teach our higher selves.  Whether that be through traveling to places near and far (physically or mentally because Sagittarius also has dibs on mental connections as well) , basically, anyplace that requires a journey from our normal stomping grounds or sends us on a journey to rethink our spiritual journey.

Sag represents Religion, Our Philosophy and How we share that with others. Its Opposing sign in Gemini rules the thinking and communication( the other mental house) and how we the get the world out about  these truths and being curious and communicating with others about ways to develop them to a bigger platform and taking it further.

For Sagittarius there is a true sense of ‘knowing’  because you’ve learned to tap into your inner and higher truth and you know what you stand for. So when we through all of this in a blender we pour a spiritual dose of speaking, You get to know the truth about your inner philosophy and define them for others, when asked.   When asked, is key here. Sagittarius can get so fired up about spreading there gospel and opinion that they sometimes feel that they are right. ALWAYS. This energy can be like the pastor who wants to share their message of salvation but condemn everyone to hell because they don’t agree with the message or maybe just need a little more time to digest it. This Sagittarius energy when full on can like to shove their truth down the throats of others, which doesn’t support the delivery of their message of good news and hope.  Its like, you may be a little hungry but someone brings a full buffet to you and force feeds you plate after plate after plate. when all you really needed was a quick snack to satiate you.  It’s important to remember that Sagittarius is a fire sign and fire is the initiator of the signs, it spreads, it moves, it can provide heat in cool situations, it can help to transform one thing into another, for example, raw food into meat that can be consumed for substance and strength.

However, on the flip side if not properly contained it can burn and destroy any and everything in its path. I feel that this full moon will birth a new philosophy in us. And help give us the definition of truth we have been searching for. But its important to remember that this is our own individual truth and we cannot take fire and destroy other, although, the intention is to share. Not everyone will sing the same tune as us.

This is like a choir, If everyone sings soprano, we don’t get to experience the different tones and vibrations of the music. Yes, it may still sound beautiful but the sound may not reach all intended because the soprano note may just be too much for all the hear and receive. But when you add the harmony of the also you connect on a different vibration level that may sounds fantastic to the ears of the person who thought the soprano note sounded like screeching cats on a hot summer day. And then add the depth of the tenors, then oh my, you got a message that reaches the hearts of many not just one target group. The message is the same, the delivery is different.

So lets find out the aspects of this full moon and paint a bigger picture. The Full Moon is Trine Uranus in Aries, whose aspect is helping us to discover who we are and to rebel against the status quo of who and what we are told we need to be.  The Sagi Moon is sextile Jupiter in Libra which is expanding consciousness of personal relationships and maintaining balance, During this time folks with either begin to settle down and expand to the next level of love, marriage( or live in relationship, committed relationships)  and baby carriage or whatever family means to you. On the split end of this is just that. If your relationship have been unbearable and unbalanced then if there is no balance then the relationship will come to an end. Sagi Moon is Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn,  Trine Venus in Aries,  Sextile Mars in Cancer, Conjunct Saturn. It’s also aspecting both ends of the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius.

This energy could be used greatly and to further the community effort of the world or it could downright get uggg – a-ly full of self righteousness, unwilling to forgive, violence and a false sense of superiority.  So please remember to through yourself into the observer role when you find that you are in the middle of explaining or sharing your truth with others. Even as I write this, I have to stop myself several times and observe my tone of the writing, because I could feel my own personal soapbox trying to creep in and mount me up. lol.

Just because we disagree with someone or something doesn’t mean that we can’t exchange ideas with others or compromise with others or even love them. ( this goes for all aspects of relationships, coworkers, romantic, friends, parents, etc) We simply need to set our boundaries and not cross them or cross others. When we can respect the differences and boundaries of others we allow full compassion to operate through each and every one of us.

There is a lot of need for balance being brought forward with this full moon that requires objectivity and delicacy – the old adage,  iron fist in a velvet glove rings true here, you vs me and how do it becomes we, How can relationships be transformed to be balanced on an intimate level as well as a public area ( those on the outside looking in) How do we ask for guidance when we have gone too far? How can speak our truth without being full of self righteousness or selfishness, This full moon wants to reveal where we need to bring in the reins, to acknowledge where we will that our personal philosophy may not be accepted by all, but help recognize that we can still communicate(listen and speak) of various views without condemning one another.

Sagittarius is a jovial and fun loving energy, this is an energy worth tapping into. When a situation seems to get too heated all involved parties, should back away and take a chill pill, maybe have a dance party (cue Westside story intro and snaps and scats, lol) and come back once passions have subsided a bit and discuss the issue at hand.  If you can imagine an aerial view and have a glance into the collective right now, many people seem to be at odds and there is an insistent need for all sides to be right and its building a wall and scattering people away from the trueness and pureness of LOVE and Humanity. There are wars and people dying because of the power of RIGHT vs WRONG. We are all one and that is a Truth that needs to come back to the forefront of human conditioning. LOVE. Most religions are based on loving one another and treating each with love for the greater good. Yet, these religions bash and abuse others and their followers to dust for being wrong.

The invitation in this full moon is to bring back the unity of mankind, casting aside the agenda of judgment and condemnation. As the soulfully elite, we have the chance to take the high road and spread a different message, and continue with the hope and faith that the right heart will hear and receive the message at the right time and go out and continue spreading the good news to others. We have a great opportunity to elevate spiritually and graciously. IF we choose to release the selfish, superficial ideals of “right-ness”. If the energy of others doesn’t feel right to you, then you have the ability to set new boundaries and move forward. There is no need to set a blazing FIRE  and destroy the work already laid.

Follow your heart( Node Node in Leo) Be yourself( Uranus in Aries) Build and Cultivate Relationships with Others(Jupiter in Libra) Transform Harness and Sternness with Objectivity and the ability to get a job done to completion( Pluto In Capricorn) Speak with Truth but know and appreciate your boundaries(Saturn in Sagittarius) and Believe and Hope and Operate in Unconditional Love for your brothers and sisters of the world(Neptune in Pisces)


Live and Love –

Soulfully Elite,


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