Happiness Is An Inside Job

4 Dynamic Ways To Find Your Happiness


An Inside Job

4 Dynamic Ways To Find Happiness

Happiness or to be happy is something that we are all of the hunt for, we associate happiness with success, love and ultimately perfection. And this is fine we all have desires to be happy and in love and to be financially secure. But, one thing I’ve come to know in my own journey is that happiness is a process that starts within.

Many times, happiness is attached to a goal. For example, you may hear some people say, I’ll be happy when I lose weight, I’ll be happy when I meet my soulmate, I’ll be happy when I have kids, or land this job etc… But what is going on during the time when you are waiting for your wishes to come true? What type of work are you putting in to prepare yourself for what you wished for in order to be happy?

We are all on the quest to fill our happy bucket. But, In the process we give up the power to find these things within ourselves and assign the task to someone or something else to complete the work and then wind up feeling incomplete in some way.

When you assign your growth and happiness within something or someone else, you can create a heap of difficulty without really knowing why. You mistakenly hand out your need for approval and make it a priority for people and objects to determine your worth and value.

If you come to this site enough, you will see that I am drilling in the importance of your self discovery and ways to fully embrace yourself. why? because the most important relationship you will have is with yourself. My “job” is a personal development coach, and the tool that I use is astrology because it’s time tested and its personal, It unfolds your human design and helps you to understand yourself better and can give a time line.

Before, I got to the place in my life, I always put on a happy face and acted like everything was “just fine” But on the inside I struggled with insecurities, unhappiness, depression etc.. I was always waiting for something or someone to make me happy. And yes, there were things and events that fed my happiness. I always felt a since of hope and my faith helped. But one day, it just clicked in me that I, too, owed myself the same effort and care that I was seeking from others.

I started to ask myself “Why should I let others determine my plans for authenticity and happiness, When I am the one that is in control of my life? Furthermore, It’s exhausting to try to make everyone else happy. So in conjunction with today’s transit which is the theme of connecting to yourself and operating from your own internal point of power.

So, Here’s a little “soulfood” to marinate, some inspiration if you will for today about getting to and defining your “happy” place. These are some of my realizations that I pursued to create happiness in my life that worked for me and I want to share them with you and where to find information about yourself within your natal chart.



  1. You ARE The Key To Your Life & You have the ability to create your own destiny.

Whether you know it or not, what you think and feel about yourself will manifest itself, For weal or for woe. So its crucial to understand that you give power to your external world aka everyday life by what you truly believe you deserve and who you are. So a healthy dose of self awareness goes a long way to creating the life you want.

From an astrology standpoint : you find your ascendant, the sign that your ascendant is in placed and your sun sign and the house that your sun sign is in.

2. Don’t Let The Outside World Define What Happiness Means For YOU.

You can’t control every single situation in your life. But you can take responsibility for your life and how you define your life. Doesn’t matter your faith or background, you’ve been assigned a task to live out YOUR purpose. In Society, There’s a tendency to just take what you are being served out of convenience and previously curated prompts, This leads to a disconnect to our true selves and limits us in pursuing the intuitive prompts that we receive to truly do what’s best for us, because, most are just doing what they see everyone do.

From an astrology standpoint: You need to look at where your moon, ( the sign that the moon was in on the day that you were born and Mercury placements which influences the way you receive outside information.

3. Trusting In Your Abilities Is a Liberating Way To Experience Happiness

I want to share with you a discovery that is available to everyone but, not enforced by everyone. Are you Ready??? You have the power to set yourself free from self limiting beliefs. You are the key to changing yourself, Once you can fully grasp that, It is something quiet unbelievable, and when you understand it, unlimited possibilities become available to you. It will blow your mind.

Inside of you, you have the choice, to say, to do, to go, to interact with the whole world, in whichever way you want to. I’ve heard people complaining about a lack of freedom in their life, that life is limiting them, but the simple truth is that it isn’t life that is holding them back, they are doing it completely by themselves – by the limits they impose. Can you imagine the impact that you’ll have on the world around you by freeing yourself?

From An Astrology Standpoint: You can check out Uranus and the placements. To see where the shit is that is keeping you stuck – pun intended 🙂

4. LET GO OF Trying To Please and Impress Everyone.

I cannot say this enough! OMG, Just stop now and through this whole concept in the TRASH. At the core of this is a very noble action , we want to express our love and respect for others, especially, if they have been a driving force to our success. But, opinions are like asses and armpits, everyone has them and some of them stink .

Not everyone will agree with you all the time. And Perhaps no one will agree with your plans at all except for you, that’s okay. Being a people-pleaser usually makes everyone happy except you, and you’re the most important part of the equation.

Everything “happiness’ starts first with you and flows into other areas, your relationships, your everyday decisions, your career etc.. If you allow the opinions of others to affect your major life choices you relinquish your happiness. Don’t feel like you have to inform everyone when you make decisions; you can save a lot of headaches and gain freedom when
initiating change for yourself.

Remember that others’ unhappiness with your life is not your responsibility to fix; everyone is in charge of their own.


From an astrological standpoint : Check for any placements in Libra, And The 8th house for starters.

I’m wrapping it up here 🙂

One of the greatest sources of pain and unhappiness is the disconnect between ourselves and what we perceive is true happiness attached to other people and things. The pain or “brokeness’ that you may feel on the path to happiness is simply just the inner self, your intuition/wisdom that is calling you to start within.

The more that you learn about yourself, the more freedom you’ll have to create a life that is in alignment with what’s right for you. Start asking yourself, what thinking have I outgrown, what belief system needs adjustment and what do I give myself permission to be happy about?

With Love,








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