Happy New Aries Moon – What’s in Store for you?

This new moon is Aries is here and its ready to RUUUUUMMMMMBLEEEE!!!  This is a great new energy to have, its time to buckle your seat belt and get ready for a ride. The question is; Is this the ride of your life?

Yes, Yes it is. This new moon is rolling in at a wonderful time. This new moon represents a time of a new cycle, new beginnings for the next year! If you have fallen a little lax with your new years resolution ,This new moon  is like a “reset” on your new years resolutions and journey. Thank GOD!  2017 started off with a retrograde in the works so some of the carefully laid plans that you may have set  for yourself might have had the proverbial “monkey wrench” thrown into them. But no fear this Aries New Moon is here to serve as a knight in “not so shining” Armour, but, Armour none the less.

The reason that this new moon may be a little dull is because Venus is retrograding until April 15th . But not to worry this is still a wonderful time to plug into this new energy and prepare to let ‘er rip.( using a little caution)  This is a time of preparation and strategy. However the upswing of this transit is that the SUN is CONJUNCT the moon, in other words, the sun and the moon are hand in hand. Think of the ying and yang symbol, is what the energy is like.

When the SUN and Moon in Aries are together, You can put yourself on the front line of your plans now. This is like solar panel energy, The sun sustains and powers all the things in the house that need power. The moon represents the emotions, your immediate environment, your mother and your relationship with her, your desires…..

Its a good idea to use the next couple of new moon days to reevaluate any old habits and belief systems and search for new, creative ways to address them. Just as you would have done for a typical new years, NOW is the time to make a list of pros and cons, things that benefit you or not.

This is the time for a fresh and new PROGRESSIVE start.. Its important to remember to assertive but not aggressive, which will require some forethought attached to your actions, Significant changes can be made under this new moon but they will need to be solid and realistic. This energy is ready for you to strap yourself in and go bursting through the gates… But with strategy, make use of this time with strategy not just blind faith.  GO FOR IT!!! 

The Ram is the First sign of the zodiac. And rules the Head

Aries Rising – This new moon is in your 1st house of appearance, how you appear to others, This first house is what I like to call the “interview self” or the “first date” self.  This 1st house is all about how you Photoshop and edit yourself to get people that don’t know you well to notice and interact with you. This is where you present yourself as the “personal pill” you want people to swallow.

With the new moon here, you may be really considering how you look and reevaluating your approach to people, this new moon is ripe for new opportunities. You may have the desire to act impulsively or on hunch to just go for it. proceed cautiously because when the moon(mood) is in Aries, You may desire action, experiences and adventures. GO FOR IT!! but spread your seeds wisely,  with Venus retrograde your outlook regarding your appearance and love may not be what it really is, so tread lightly.  But set your ” new year” intentions and stick to them. There will be a 6 Month check to see how your new moon Prognosis has been used.

Taurus the bull rules the neck

Taurus Rising – The New Moon is in your 2nd House of values, self esteem, how you view yourself. If you think in terms of a mirror, the first house is a reflection of you, but the second house, is really who you are, the things that you value, your self esteem, your personal income, how you make your money, the value that money holds for you.

This new moon might give you a strong drive to make money or may make you more assertive in the way you make money, You may want to ask your employer for a raise, Or you could reevaluate how your employer values you efforts as an employee, This new moon is ready for you to use some courage and ask for what you really want from wherever you make your money. You might even decide to look at business opportunities that allow you to be your own boss. Giving you the chance to pay yourself what you are worth. Utilize this new moon to think of new means of income or make decisions on how to better manage your money.  Wealth is not just about material possessions, It will do no good, if you have “things” but are in debt or have no one to share them with.

Gemini Rising – The new moon is working harmoniously in your 3rd house of communications, intellect, media, marketing, your siblings.your local geography

The new moon here can present itself like a fast moving vapor, You may want to get out and bounce ideas off of others minds, you are more than likely feeling thirsty for new information. This is a great time for researching the new ideas that you may have been tossing around recently, Gemini and Aries sextile each other, in other words, the work well together like peanut butter and jelly( or bananas! yummy) You are ready for intellectual stimulation and Knowledge can feed the soul right now.

Its best to use this time to get into learning something new, get informed so that you have a better leg to stand on when talking or sharing new ideas with folks. This is a great time to take a class of any sort because what you learn will really stick with you. I recommend a dance class or something to get your body (Aries) and mind (Gemini) energy flowing.

Since Gemini represents siblings, you could also ask a sibling or someone you consider to be like a sibling to get involved. Or if you go at it alone, you are sure to meet new friends that could become like family to you. Have fun Gems!!!

Cancer Rising – The fourth house represents the home, the mother, the womb, the relationship with the mother or feminine energies,

The new moon in Aries is here in your fourth house, Aries and Cancer naturally square or present a challenge to each other that should end in results. You may have had a desire to move or make major changes to your home. This Aries energy can might make want to go through some of the things in your home and de-clutter and arm you with some courage to let go of some of the habits in your home that really does serve you to the best of your ability. This could mean, reorganizing or getting rid of some things in the home or a loved ones home that will allow you to move throughout the house with a little more ease. Or Perhaps you have a roommate or live with others and may be realizing that it could be time that you go at it alone.

Cancers naturally rule the home front and  do not care for being bossed around or told what to do, especially, when they are home. You possess the know-how to make a house into a home and comfy. The home is the proverbial “shell” for this sign. So the shell will need some adjusting to make it feel juuuussst right.

The Aries energy will allow you burst of energy to get the job done. But first it may piss you off(square energy) so take it easy, if you find that you get into crabby pants mode. It could just be that you need a change of scenery on the home front. So pull out some decorative magazines or hop on Pinterest to find a new bold but comfortable look at the home front. Start looking at idea (aries energy) that get the creative juices (cancer energy) flowing. Clear out any negative energy and you will be feeling brand new in no time.

Leo Rising – The new moon is in the 5th house of pleasurable activities, lovers, sex for fun and making babies, gambling, speculative sports, Theater, plays

OOOOOHHHH Honey, this new moon in Aries has you jungle kittens purring, This new moon is aries is HOT, FUEGOO!!!  IF you are single, you could meet someone new and sparks could fly and create an love explosion. This new moon is like catnip, you will not be able to get enough. Y’all are going to need some water to cool this fire down. Aries and Leo work well together regardless because they are both fire signs.

If you want to have kids or have more energy for the child figures in your life the new moon will give you the spark you need. I’d also go and pick up a lotto ticket just for fun. Don’t bet the farm but you can definitely try your luck. Leos you need to remember you are the leader of the playground of life but, this doesn’t give you the right to demand the hell out of people for attention. Work your charms not your roar. Remember that you are regal and good things will happen for you. Use a light approach.

You can bring good and healthy,balanced attention to yourself by letting your mane blow in the wind. The new moon in Aries will have you absolutely having fun, and being the life a the party. This is good time to take part of fun. Go play with the “Hyenas” of your life and make allies. This is a great time for you, Leo. You will be feeling the true lion/lioness that are.

Virgo Rising –  The new moon is in your 6th House . Virgo rules daily routine, habit that you form, work like and flow, your coworkers.

The new moon in aries is in your sixth house, You could really be feeling that breaking out starting or joining a new club or organization. You may want to join a Volunteer group. The new moon will serve as a slingshot energy and you will very decisive about where and how you want to spend your time.  You may figure out new ways to get the best out of your daily routine or you may feel that you need to make changes in your life so that it doesn’t seem so stressful.

You could be feeling like you need to find a new more fulfilling placement or job that is pleasing to you on a emotional level. Use the new moon to organize and prioritize the things that are important to you and allow yourself to be a little selfish in what soothes you. Use this energy over the next 6 months to a year to take your health( eating and exercise) to the next level. You will have the drive to stick to a new regimen that will improve your health or take your spiritual health to another level. If sweating like a pig isn’t your thing, then try yoga. The Mantra for this energy is ” New Moon, New Me”.

This aries energy will not allow you to wait (cough, cough Procrastinate) for the perfect moment to come to you. This energy will make you want to get busy and MAKE your own perfect moment.

Libra Rising – New moon in the 7th House of one to one relationship, marriages, live in/long term relationships,

Libras, Libra, Libra The new moon in your seventh house is not playing around. Its a new day(or moon) and you are ready to create a peaceful environment in your relationships. Libra and Aries are opposing signs so this is like the true you on the other side of the mirror. This energy might have you ready to strike out and be independent for a while. If you are in a relationship that is not balanced you are going to be ready to get away from it like a bat flying out of hell. Enough is Enough.

A relationship without compromise simply isn’t fair and its not enjoyable either. If you are in a healthy relationship and want to try new things with your partner to add a little zest and zing to it this is a great energy to use and add fresh energy to your relationship and give it new life. If you are single, You could be thanking God for your freedom and personal flexibility.

You will certainly be more social and charming. But most importantly, this new moon in Aries will really give you the courage to be assertive and speak your truth about injustices. Its time for those scales to be balanced, You can and you will do it.

Scorpio Rising — The New moon is in your 8th house of sex, death(not always a physical one) rebirth, Your partners money, Other peoples money( Cues Music: You down with OPP? Hey Ho, hey ho…Sorry i coulnt resist) Taxes, property, legacies

OK, Scorpios –its about to get real,real fast. The moon in Aries could make you feel a bit sexually aggressive and cranky. This moon makes you a little more intense, emotionally. and could make you say things with a “i don’t give a f*ck attitude” Let’s monitor that because, your tone could be really dry and sarcastic, even when you are joking things could be received the wrong way. The new moon could also have you focusing on sex and not just any old sex fulfilling sex that is trans-formative on all levels.

If handled poorly you could be a savage and run through partners like a Olympic athlete attempting to find yourself in sex. Please don’t be “stickin and dippin” and ridin’ and hidin’. I know y’all know what I mean :). My “blueprint” is heavy with Scorpio energy so I’m speaking from a personal place. When this energy is handled well, then you could use this time(6-12 Months) to enrich your intimate relationships to a desirable place allowing you to link the physical (Aries) with the spiritual and emotional(Scorpio) with your partner.

If there is no potential partner at the moment, use this time to thinks about the type of committed partner you’d like to attract with a healthy sense of self and a good attitude towards finances. Use this “new moon year” for transforming your physical body. work the tension out through other physical means. It wouldn’t be a good idea to leave a trail of tears from meaningless sex.

Sagittarius Rising – The new moon in in your 9th House of higher learning, philosophy, the search for the truth, long distance travel, expansion, foreign things.

This new moon is a great placement for getting out into the world and starting new ventures, You will probably feel like a lightning rod hit you and you are on a quest to travel and see new things and have new experiences. This is great, its a good idea to start planning a trip or a quick mini vacay or stay cation depending on your current situation. Aries likes to start new things but doesn’t always finish them. Basically, the Aries energy will intensify your energy and get running out the door and the Sagittarian energy with help you stick with what you started and help you hit the target, dead on.

This is a great time to study something new or you may find a new interest in something “foreign” in your regular routine.This is a goof time to formulate some new plans for the future or you could also decide to try new things that were limiting you in the past. A new year and a new philosophy/spiritual quest is upon you. Go Forth and Conquer.

Capricorn Rising – Moon in the 10th House of authority figures, careers, the dominant parental figure, work, the workplace, ambition, recognition, Your desired stage or limelight, The military

This Aries new moon is more than likely releasing a new idea to you regarding career improvement and stability. You could be craving or desiring some recognition on the job front or you could also be receiving some recognition on the job front. Its important to remember that this recognition could be up or down depending on how your work ethic has been. If its not been the best you can really use the Aries fiery energy to get yourself together and redefine your ethic and what it means to you. If you don’t receive recognition this can sometimes feel like you are not useful and this is not always the case.

This may also be a good time to look back in your childhood to see how you were either nurtured or criticized by parental figures and how this could be affecting for good or bad. Its negative, Implement a spiritual plan of recovery. If its positive, then keep working hard to set  new goals for your offspring or growth for your team of coworkers.

Aquarius Rising– Moon in the 11th House of hopes and dreams, wishes fulfilled, humanitarian projects, your friends, your friends money, the future

The new moon in Aries will have you very social or perhaps finding a cause to join. You could enjoy spending time in groups or group settings. You could be feeling the urge to go and conquer the world and start your own nonprofit group and humanitarian project. Therefore, this is an excellent time to join forces and find friends to help further your cause.

This is a year where you will come in contact with people of all types of diversity and find new ways to make the future better. Friends will be very important in supporting you and bringing you luck or financial support.  Be watchful however, of becoming so busy that you become distant from those that you really care about. I don’t like the typical description that Aquarius are cold or aloof. Its my opinion that mentally they are so far ahead in the future that its hard to pull the reigns in and enjoy the present moment.

All Aquarius that I know are such kindhearted and thoughtful and are “bookmarking” things to share in the future with those they feel safe and secure with. However, this isn’t the best time to start a new relationship because this marks a time that your personal freedom is very important to you and will not want to be confined by too many rules. Individualization is presenting itself to you.

This is wonderful time for evaluating who your tribe is and possibly connecting with old friends. Use this time to define your hopes and dreams and watch them manifest out of thin air.

Pisces Rising – 12th House – Rules endings, hidden things, confined places and your past life or karma. The 12th house rules endings that have to end to make room for something new. A house where de-cluttering is needed. This house even hides energy, good and bad. Your hidden strengths and weaknesses.

The new moon in the 12th house is really waking up your take charge attitude. Because of this placement, you will come off more energetic and assertive than usual, but, mostly behind closed doors or with people that you feel comfortable with.

This new moon is encouraging you to let your guard down and let some fresh energy in. If you let fear and anxiety set in, you could miss a great opportunity of letting people know that real, unabashed you.Instead of jumping out like a jack in the box, you could use this energy to become a pen pal( or email pal) or visit those in hospitals.

This Aries energy will really give you the courage to get out and show off your sensitive side without fear. You should embrace you for who you are. this will also help clear some of the creative blocks that you may have been experiencing lately.

The fire of Aries will help curb some of the emotional upsets that you may feel from time to time. You could also feel the need to let go of wanting to use escapism tendencies that do not benefit you because this new moon will deliver a bit of sobering but buzzing energy to set a new path for yourself.


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