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Soulfully Elite is a online community for folks that want to live life like they give a damn, For the colorful, fun loving marathon runners in this race we call life. The badass, spiritual gangsters, who will not stand for status quo For the folks who refuse to keep lying down, We feel the pain of others because we are the ones who have fallen down over and over again but continue to get back up and get moving our asses to our highest place. We know compassion and love because it’s been lacking in most places in our lives but we continue to love and share ourselves with others as we are headed to our honeypot of joy. Yeah, we curse a little (ok, a lot) because TRUTH sets us free.

This site is a welcome place the people who want to make a change in the world and realize that the change must first come from within.

I’m Devin and my goal for this site is to bridge the gap between astrology, self-care and the real world. As an astrologer and life essential coach, I use astrology to shed light on the positive and not so positive (in) visible aspects and energies around us that can be useful to equip you with the keys to open up the secret the closet and unleash the hidden and secret God-given abilities that you came into this world with. You will also learn about your weaknesses but will help you to discover that they too have a role to play in your soul’s overall development and success.


Self care is and love are two main ingredients to be soulfully elite, Both are essential in all areas of life. how do love others fully and with compassion, if you don’t love yourself. Whether we want to admit it or not, We all operate from a level of judgment, whether it is towards ourselves or others. This community will provide insight on how to eliminate those bullshit, self limiting habits and mindset. It starts with love and a new view of your belief system.

This is Soulfully Elite.

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Why Do I need an Astrological Report?

An astrology reading can help to clarify and articulate that pattern and give you clear direction as to how to work with it, heal it and take steps to begin to move beyond it.  It’s not at all predictive or fortunetelling. It’s a tool that allows people to hear their most profound longings and their souls mission in a very clear and compassionate way.

My job is to help you to see those choices more clearly so that you can create a life that is truly yours. A life that is full of what is most meaningful to you. A life where you feel like you are truly in touch with your deepest heart’s desire, And a map for how to bring all of the awesomeness that is the hallmark of your essential and authentic self into full and fabulous fruition!

Every single day, there are folks who are either embarking on a journey or have already begun a journey to discovering their self awareness or living harmoniously in their truth. Most of the time, in order to begin this inner work, there profound questions that arise in their lives that need clarity and insight.

If you ever asked yourself more than three of the questions below, Then a good astrology reading would come in useful for you and can help you answer any, if not all of the questions you’ve had.

  • What is my souls purpose?  I know that I have a mission and a destiny to fulfill but I am not always sure that I am on the right track.
  •  Why is it still sometimes so difficult for me to know what I want?
  • How can I learn to accept and love all of myself especially those aspects of who I am that I judge and feel ashamed about?
  • What are my natural gifts and talents?  how do I best support their growth and development and in what areas of my life can they be utilized to their fullest potential?
  • What is it that will allow me the greatest sense of happiness and fulfillment in my life?
  • Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again, I am trying my hardest to become a better person, but I keep falling back into old habits?
  • What is going on in my life? Things start one way and end up in a completely different way.

An astrology report can help you enjoy “living in harmony” by helping you know your personal astrology better. It’s one of the best ways to understand who you are and why you’re here in this lifetime. And THAT gives you the precious gift of knowing how to be your very best self, living up to all that your soul yearns to express.

The type of astrology that I practice is very deep and rich and complex . Every time I do a reading it’s like being given the keys to the blueprint for this individual soul….. each chart is SO distinctive…. like a person’s fingerprint.( FUN FACT : Did you know that a person’s  natal chart is so distinct that it will not repeat itself for 25,000 years. ) When I do a reading for someone they often cry or are so relieved because they feel so seen and understood. They get a sense of gentle, loving permission and validation to be EXACTLY who they are at a core level.

My readings do not put you in a box and I will never, EVER give you the feeling that you are trapped or doomed by planetary influences. Everything in your chart is there to provide you with an opportunity to learn and grow on the journey to becoming more conscious and accepting of yourself.

Astrology defines and supports positive options in your life.

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