Today's Theme Is About Finding Soul-utions

March 11th – Daily Forecast- Getting Clear & Finding Solutions In Relationships.

Moon In Libra- The Balancing Act

Hey – So we are few days out of the Full Moon And Mercury Going Direct and Things are starting to pick up speed. This recent Full Moon introduced to an upcoming season that is ready to help each of us release things or people that are not beneficial for a growth and health.

During the Mercury Retrograde, Mercury back outed of Pisces , A Water Sign that influences our emotional reactions and sometimes makes us delusional into Aquarius. A sign that doesn’t really do dramatics, Unless its ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! LOL- An Aquarius will not let you kill their vibe! They’ll leave you alone before they let you pull them out of themselves. I think that’s why they get a bad rap for being aloof. But, This Movement into Aquarius helps us to take a step back from our emotions and helps us to look at issues objectively in order to find solutions.

So it seems that the first order a business, was relationships, whether personal, intimate or business. And OMG!! Its been ca-razy for some folks relationship wise, Myself Included. Today is day 2 of relationship reviews… BA-HUMBUG! Sometimes it can be really really hard to approach matters such as these if mutual understanding and respect are lacking. Its not impossible just requires a plan.

If You are An Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Taurus, There’s 4 Aspects that may require your attention. So Check Out Today’s Aspects To Stay Level Headed and Aware.


    1. Moon Square Mars – Moon in Libra And Mars in Capricorn  – Impulsiveness, A Strong Approach, Blind Ambitions, Instructing Younger People, Powerful Emotions, Sexual Urges, & Digging Up The Past.  Feelings and actions at cross-purposes make this day’s blank slate one that you might not want to write much on, but just write it off. Under any circumstances, don’t be hasty, and try not to repeat yourself too many times because you didn’t hit the mark with the first shot. Accept uncertainty, and certainty will arrive soon enough.This is a turning point of some kind, where your urge or to reach out to others show results. Some positive result appear and this is a definite start. You may need to communicate with younger people or outsiders about possible changes in the works. This is also that can make some easily manipulated or distracted by sex.In Your Natal Chart – Blocked Motivation – Look For House & Planetary Placements in Libra & Capricorn For Insight.

      Your impulsiveness and drive to express your feelings(privately or publicly) will at times meet resistance that may threaten or force you to put off or delay plans for action. This is not something to fear, but it is best to work through these temporary setbacks patiently, and this will keep moving plans forward.

    2. Sun in Pisces Sextile Jupiter In Capricorn  – A Lucky Break – The Way OR Path to the Future Plan For Success – The Problem Solver Finding Solutions  Guru and Guide Deep desires and insights as to your life path and how to succeed in life grow into actual plans, tangible ideas of just how this might be accomplished. There is a desire to involve others to assist in making these plans real.

      Modest plans succeed as long as no one rocks the boat, and that’s the working formula for now. It’s a good time to notice that you can get as far with many small coordinated steps as you can with great leaps forward. Once things are humming, operations take care of themselves and mileage increases.


      In Your Natal Chart – Seeking An Authority Guide Or Help  –  Look For House & Planet Placements in Pisces and Capricorn

      When it comes to success and career, your mind is always filled with all kinds of fresh ideas and plans,

      firing the imagination with visions of overcoming and succeeding. Your concern is always how to get these ideas from the planning stage to the action arena, and in this regard you can be very community minded

          3. Moon in Libra Square Jupiter In Capricorn – Emotional Interactions That Indicate Too Much or NOT Enough In Relationships. Keyword:  Never Enough, Not Feeling Happy or Successful, Draining Social Interactions,  Counseling Of Kids Unsuccessful  Interactions With A  Woman You Are Close To, Those close to you not showing support of your success, Pro-bono Lawyer and Social Conscience

It’s easy for everyone to get too wound up in their feelings and you could find yourself chasing your tail in circles until you fall down. Even if you think you’ve got a big one on the hook, cut your line if it takes too long to reel him in. Diminishing returns can tire everyone out, turn hope to disappointment, so avoid them.

Plans to succeed, working with public or with younger persons, come up against delays or minor obstacles,perhaps arising from the past. Don’t hesitate, but keep patiently moving forward. This is not a time to vacillate.


In Your Natal Chart – Blocked Intuition – Look For House & Planet Placements in Libra and Capricorn

You have great plans to succeed, in particular, when it comes to working with the public or with younger persons, but may have problems turning off the idea faucet and going with one plan at a time. You can come up against delays or minor obstacles, perhaps arising from the past. When this takes place, don’t hesitate, but keep patiently moving forward


4 -Moon In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn  –   Digging Up the Past  Transformation  Of Personal, Intimate and Business Relationships . Keywords: Powerful and Creative Leadership, Depth Psychology, Intensity, Power Struggles, Starting Something New, Fanaticism

Here you may have a struggle between the forces of change and transformation, and simple mundane obstacles to moving forward. The tendency may be to blow what irritates us out of the water with a burst of intense power, but a better use would be to negotiate their demands, pay them their dues, and move around them. This is a time to move forward, however, not go back

Underhanded or Unscrupulous behavior  may be afoot, and, at any rate, those out for their own ends at all costs are to be avoided. And, avoid being one yourself. The inclination to beat a dead horse and use repeated force to no avail is really self-defeating, although tempting. When in doubt, back off and let others waste their efforts.


In Your Natal Chart –  Influences Your Efforts To Change – Look For Placements in Libra and To Wherever PLUTO is at in your chart.

You often experience a struggle between the forces of change and transformation and simple mundane obstacles to moving forward. Your tendency may be to blow them out of the water with a burst of intense power, but a better use would be to negotiate their demands, pay them their dues, and move around them. You should move forward in these areas,however, and do not go back.


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