Mercury In Pisces

March 16th – Mercury In Pisces

Hey! Today is March 16th and below is the General Astrology Forecast. Mercury Moved Into Pisces. Here’s how this can play out. Read below. IF you have any questions, just ask me. This write up is HUGE!

Putting The “Pisces Together – What Pisces Energy Affects

Pisces Represents The Twelfth Area OF Life

The 12th House is connected to the following areas : Institutions, Jails, Hospitals, Karma, The Finances of Your Friends, Secret Sorrows, Fears, Self Destruction, Large Animals, Skeletons In The Closet, Self Undoing, Self Injury, Endings, Hidden Strengths & Weaknesses, Libraries, Armed Services, Collective Unconsciousness, Spirituality, Your Approach To Faith and Religion, Unredeemed Karma, And Selfless Service To Humanity.

So as your can see, this is really deep energy that moves your consciousness and perspective. And With Current Events. You can already see the moving of this energy throughout the masses.

Pisces Also Influences The Following:  Chemical engineers, Clairvoyant Ability, Charitable Organizations, Chiropractors, Photographers, Life Guards, Anything Related To The Ocean Including Any Profession Associated with The Ocean , Boats, Sleep (Dreams) , Spirituality, Oil Wells, Writers, Mysticism, Religion, Podiatrists, Monasteries, Wardens, Detectives, Bartenders, Chemistry, Secret Societies, Penitentiaries, Ships,Sanitation / Waste Management Facilities, Swimming. Artists, Drug Sales, & Poisons.


Some of The Things that are highlighted during any Pisces transit or natal position are : Your Intuition, What Inspires You, Your Belief System And Ideals, The Ability To or Lack OF Concentration, Your Need For Or How You Demonstrate Hospitality & Sacrifice/Service To And From Others, What GIves You Peace Or What Disrupts It, How You Smooth Over & Navigate Areas That Require Refinement ( Solutions) . Just To Name a Few.

The Signs And The Interactions With Piscean Energy –

If You Are A Sagittarius OR Gemini, OR Wherever Sagittarius or Gemini is located in your natal chart, You have or will experience obstacles also known as a T-Square, which brings up challenges and frustrations in the areas where this energy plays out.

If You Are A Virgo OR Wherever Virgo is in the natal chart, You have opposition (Tug Of War) in the areas where this energy plays out and need to find the middle ground and compromise.

If You Are A Cancer or Scorpio OR Wherever Cancer or Scorpio is in the natal chart, then you have a trine, which indicates an easy flow of this energy, which could work for your benefit depending on your focus on positive or negative qualities.

If You Are a Taurus or Capricorn OR Wherever Taurus or Capricorn is in the natal chart, you have a sextile, which indicates your ability to recognize opportunity.

So as you read about the transits below, Keep these placements in mind.

Mercury In Pisces – Aligning Your Beliefs With The Words You Speak.

Mercury Represents the Part of the Personality that influences Your Curiosity, Your Intellect, The Things that You like to know about from the outside environment that you are in regularly. Its the ability to sort out and categorize knowledge. Your reasoning skills and logic And The way that you communicate this information.

Mercury In Pisces Theme: March 16th – April 11th

Putting the right phrase to the task is not the focus for the next few weeks – so if you’re at a loss for words, join the party. But words aren’t everything, and those slippery concepts that emerge right now can yet be pounced upon when the time is right, like a cat on a mouse, and nailed to the ground. Just mind your mind in the meantime.

During This Transit, Mercury In Pisces, May cause you to retreat into a private world from fear, and withhold your thoughts because you don’t want to be invalidated by others. OR you can feel that you are mentally muddle from fear with outside perception streaming through your mind and find it difficult to get your thoughts clear. The best way to use this transit your benefit and for growth, is to focus on the power of compassion from yourself and others.

If you are experiencing bouts of clairvoyance through dreams and visions. Or your attention is being drawn towards the confusion you see in everyday life. Use this as time to concentrate on the positive outcomes of your visions, not only for your self but to others as well. Your ideals can become a healing reality in the world when you make a tangible contribution by communicating your intuitive insights.

Mercury In Pisces Transit In The Houses –


Mercury in Pisces in The First of Aries – Your Thinking can become more clearer on how you express yourself to others. You’ll have the gift of expressing yourself more authentically. You should be able to examining yourself with greater objectivity and detachment more than usual. One effect of Mercury here is that it has the tendency to jump from one issue to issue rapidly, which could confuse others around you. It will vital that you not focus on the constant changes and not waste your energy.

Usually this is a good time to get out and travel, or even look into making future travel plans. Airfare is dirt cheap right now. This is also a great time to consider some of the areas that require negotiations or contract discussions of any kind. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and desire.

IF This Mercury Transit afflicts your natal mercury or any natal planets in the first house, Then you could experience some nervousness or anxiety. Which indicates that you are overthinking on some of the communication that you are involved with. Try to relax and get your mind away from super deep and serious subjects and find something light and entertaining and return to your thoughts at a later time.

Mercury In Pisces In the Second House of Taurus – Your thinking and attention will be come clear when you focus on your own needs and value system, whether it be material, intellectual, or spiritual. You’ll think about and plan for these elements more than usual. Its possible that conversations or negotiations about with others about property or money will come up. You may have to define your sense of values to another person so that he or she knows where you stand on an issue.

This transit signifies that you are much more concerned with business or commercial affairs more than normal. This can cover a broad spectrum, from shopping to more important business negotiations. The important point is that you’ll be presented with opportunities to plan a great deal and transactions will be more elaborate than normal. With careful considerations things should go the way you want.

If there are any afflicted placements in your natal second house, It will be best to avoid significant financial transactions on some days. Check the Transit of your natal planets for more info. Your mind may be unclear or cloudy, so you will not be able see all this issues involved and may be misled by another person.

Mercury In Pisces transit The Third House Of Gemini – Your Thinking becomes clear when you focus on a logical approach to situations facing you. Action in this house is intensified and you will feel energies more strongly than usual. You’ll want to discuss and have conversations with others, or possibly meet a new group of people to discuss your thoughts. Particularly, Relatives and Immediate Neighbors.

There may be times that you feel like the power was shut off in your head and you need to find ways to power the silence. This is a good time for all kinds of intellectual pursuits. You’ll Need to check your personal natl chart to find out about any afflictions from other placements.


It’s not a good time to try to settle down and relax. the tempo of your outside environment will be going too fast and it will be difficult to avoid getting caught up in it. You should however, find ways to disconnect from from this frantic pace, you don’t want to get too distracted from outside chatter and not be able to think. Use this time to gather information instead of reaching conclusions.

It will be wise to be make everyone’s position clear and do not your opinion of others to harden.

Mercury In Pisces In the Fourth House of Cancer – Your Thinking will become clear when you focus on what will make you secure in the situation facing you. You’ll have the ability to perceive the deepest sensitivities of others and to communicate in a way that acknowledges their sensitivities. This is a time of withdrawal but not in a negative way. Use this time to focus on the reality of your current circumstances.

It’s a good time to make plans or evaluate your domestic life and how needs are being met from both ends. This is also a great time to discuss with your immediate family about matters that are important to you, and be vulnerable at expressing your inner most thoughts at this time. Do not allow pressures to build up within you that you are afraid to discuss. This will only lead to disturbances in your thinking and to outbursts later on.

Your thoughts are now bringing attention to areas of the past, and you may likely find it hard to stay present in your thoughts. This is an indication that past events from the subconscious mind are coming up so that you can handle it and resolve it in some way. In other words, look for the connection of the past events that are on your mind and the matters that concern you now. Finding that link may allow you to solve a current problem.

You may have to communicate with parents and parental figures in order to get to the gist of the even that is ailing you. Either way, it will be important to face the past as hard or scary as that may seem. This transit is about healing the past to pursue a happier and healthier future. Failure to do so may keep you mentally and energetically imprisoned or hostage to negativity. Reread all the Pisces influences above and remember that as a water sign this energy easily affects you. It’s your choice whether you use this wisely or not.

Mercury In Pisces Transit in The Fifth House Of Leo – Your Thinking becomes clear when you focus on following your heart. You have the special ability to perceive the opportunity to dramatically enhance your communication.

This is a good time for expressing your thoughts to yourself and for communicating with others. You can make clear to people where you stand on any matter and will be able to effectively explain any issue that is on your mind. You’ll be more inclined to use your mind for reading, writing and games that require mental agility. You could very well now inadvertently educate yourself of something that may be useful later on.

If there any afflictions from this transit tho those in your natal chart, You may find that you underestimate your creative potential and you’ll do yourself a great disservice. You’ll need to accept the responsibility for developing your skills when communicating with others especially, loved ones or in relationships. A square here will make it hard to connect playfully or romantically with love interests, due to the fact that sometimes you just want to push others buttons if you feel like you aren’t feeling admired or praised enough from your potential mate, there’s an ingrained pattern of competing desires with a partner rather than recognition.

The danger here is that you could sometimes demand something from others because of misconceived insecurities versus, being vulnerable speaking from the heart and allowing the other person the opportunity to give back and nurture you.

BE mindful of your sensitivities as well as others.

Mercury In Pisces In Transit In The Sixth House of Virgo – Your focus will become clear when you focus on planning a routine that will bring order into the situations that you face. Two areas of manifestation- health and work. This is a good time to be more attentive and sensitive to how you communicate with others.

This is a great time for all kinds of mental work about your purpose and the emotional aspects of how you plan your days and routines. You may be feeling that there is “something bigger” that you need to connect to and will find ways or places to utilize your gifts of organization and planning the details. It’s a good time to sit down with others and discuss how ego or harsh criticism have gotten into way and may have slowed the process, and find ways to take whatever steps necessary to move forward into productivity.

Because this house ifs opposing the Pisces e, you will need to be able to also receive any constructive communications as pertains to work or your health, in all areas. There’s no such thing as perfect and we have areas that could use some refinement or smoothing over.

IF there are any afflictions in the natal chart or if your mercury is afflicted from this transit , its likely that it will be around mental or emotional disruptions. You are likely to be feeling really nervous or anxious by some type of instability or procrastination of some sorts. Please try not to overthink, and give yourself to time to relax, light exercise like yoga or pray, meditate, plan, and organize your thoughts in feelings rationally and dive into your faith or spiritual foundation or if you don’t have one now would be a good time to start a faith or spiritual routine

Mercury In Pisces Transit In The Seventh House Of Libra- Your Thinking becomes clear when you focus on the identity of the other person. You have the special ability to perceive the positions of other people and then communicate in a way that reaches them. The choice must be made between communicating the truth about what you are experiencing or telling others what they want to hear.

This is a good time to clarify and explain an issue with someone with whom you are intimately associated with in daily life. It’s also a good time for consulting a specialist on any matter that concerns you. You should not plan alone or unassisted right now. You need another person’s consciousness and response to your ideas and statements in order to get a clear perspective on your thoughts. Also, becoming aware of your partners thoughts on how to approach future endeavors will help to clarify both of your thoughts. Together you’ll be able to accomplish far more together than separately.

Its also a good time to discuss any difficulties that have come up in your intimate relationships. You are capable of taking a much more detached yet, sensitive approach than usual. Compromise is an essential part of your everyday life although you may initially feel intimidated by these discussion, you’ll find that the other person needed to talk as much as you did and you can reach conclusions objectively, which may have been difficult at other times. Your communication about such matters will be remarkably clear.

In your encounters during this transit, seek out intellectual stimulation and conversation. This could range from cheerful banter to a spirited debate. Avoid the tendency to shut down, lack of stimulation will not be good for you. The cause of this mental retreat will somehow be surrounded about your reasoning and logic not “being good enough or not solid enough” . For Example, you may say how you experiencing external interactions and that you need a change or a compromise needs to be made and the other party may insinuate that you are making up something just to get your way, or they may tell you that you are imagining the slight you feel. This may cause you to feel unheard or unsure and then shut down . The best way to handle this, is to affirm how you feel and allow the other person to decide what they can do to better the situation. This transit also will highlight spiritual connections vs superficial connections in relationships.

Use this transit to discuss and review contractual obligations with others that you are close with everyday life 

Mercury In Pisces In Transit In The Eighth House Of Scorpio – Your Thinking becomes clear when you focus on what others need in situations facing you. You have the special ability to perceive the motives of others that are hidden in their communication and to speak in ways that transform them, for good or ill. 

At this time it is good to look inward and reflect upon deep psychological truths within yourself. In Many ways your rational intellect is closer now to the areas of your being that are usually hidden even from yourself. You can use this time wisely to get more in touch with these hidden aspects. 

This transit signifies conversations t and intellectual encounters that will have a profound effect upon your mind, causing you to go deep within yourself and make changes in your point of view or ways of thinking.  Or you may have this effect on someone else. You may come to the realization of the hold that you and another person have on each other that is for good or bad. Even though most of your communication is verbal, you’ll need to be aware of the non verbal cues that are expressed as well. There’s a sense of control or manipulation that is used that may be hard to let go of and the root of this goes back to the deepest roots of your being. There an influence to the personality that assumes that is cynical and believes that everyone is out to get them so the need for control must be first established by you in order to get the your desired outcome. 

This disservice here is that you underestimate your ability to be treated kindly by others at their own doing. If you have a tendency to be jealous of others resources or want to compete with them, you may begin to question your motives as to why.  This transit is conducive to very deep prodding of thought around your own or a loved ones mortality. You may see current events and wonder if the things that you thought were really important aren’t that important after all. This type of thought is needed sometimes to keep our lives balanced in perspective. . 

On a mundane level this transit can coincide with discussions and negotiations regarding your connections and ties to other people’s money or property . Unless there is a serious afflictions here in the natal chart, you should be able to approach such communications fairly and honestly .


Mercury In Pisces Transit In The Ninth House of Sagittarius – This is a good time for any kind of study and education especially in areas of religion, faith or spirituality, because you are intellectually eager for knowledge and new experiences. You want to take a larger view of life in order to see how the various parts fit together to make up the whole.  Any new and interesting phenomenon from the outside world is likely to attract your attention, Other subjects that are highlighted are Foreign places, and foreign affairs, the law, and philosphy.

Although this transit is just a few weeks it’s a good time to look into traveling. You will likely meet like minded people with whom you’ll have fascinating conversations. This transit is good for discussions ideas around abstract or alternative living, general philosophies and approaches to life. It’s easier now to find things that make you feel connected to bigger yet unseen areas of life. and it will be easier to make your point to others now, in a way that is understandable. and you will be able to digest others opinions about such things easily as well, see a different perspective of hope that you may have otherwise overlooked. This is not a good time to be judgmental or so rigid in your own opinion that you overlook the purpose of connecting to human kind and sending positive messages out globally.

Prophetic Ability may increase for you during this time or a prophecy may come into fruition.


Mercury in Pisces Transit to the Tenth House Of Capricorn – Under this influence you should make plans regarding your professional life. This transit will allow you to see that their or other alternatives as to how you make your living but it will require you to release the “need for title or immediate publicity” Even if you don’t have a profession, you have some form of expression that may be connecting to a club or large group that you would consider “Your other job. Think about what you have been doing along these lines and whether or not it is working for you as you want it to or if you feel that you are called to do something else. Either way, make plans for changes because it’s time to progress for a greater good.

This is a good time to undertake the new studies that might help your career or learn a new technique. This study will pull you away from other things that once held your attention and some may not quite understand this way of doing things, because it will seem to come out of nowhere to them but has been brewing within you recently.

If you don’t want to leave your profession, its a good time to see how you can advance in other areas that you may not have considered before. Communications on the job will be very important over the coming weeks this transit,  try to stay organized with paperwork, emails, any information that you receive.


Mercury In Pisces in The Eleventh House Of Aquarius- Mercury in the transit inclines you to really think about or reconsider your goals and expectations in life. Its likely that you’ll start to examine your ideals to find out exactly how well your way of doing this things has served you and to what extent you have attained them. You should also think about whether your goals are really your own or whether they are a part of your group or peers goals that you may have adopted as your own. In the latter case, decide whether these goals are appropriate for you. and do they resonate with you spiritually?

The 11th House is the house of group ideals and standards and also the house YOUR position in the group. Examine your attitude towards the group, during this time you need and will have more verbal and intellectual exchanges with friends about the cause of effect of the greater good and the ups and downs of any problems that you may have had but have not had anyone to really chat these thoughts out with. Keep in mind, that you will still need to hold to you own sense of values and not moved by the persuasion of the group, IF It doesn’t sit right with you. The Question here, is that if you had to go your own way or against the crowd, could you do so, confidently and with proper convictions?

Another characteristic of this transit is that you may encounter a reintroduction to a concept you considered at some point in your younger years  or younger minded people who can give you a newer or freer point of view about yourself or life in general. This should be a time of sociability in search of fresh ideas.


Mercury In Pisces in The Twelfth House of Pisces – There are two sides of the transit, on the one hand you may be inclines to keep your opinions to yourself and not communicate them to others, even when you should. But, at the same time you may be more in touch with the hidden sides of your own personality, your unconscious drive and compulsions. The first two of these effects may be undesirable or inappropriate but the ability to bring out a hidden side of your characer can be useful.

The problem here is that you may feel that others will hold anything that you say against you. And this may be true, especially if your words are motivated by pettiness. But, more than likely what you say won’t be used against you. It’s the fear associated with stepping out from the behind shadows that you were once okay living with now a total new recognition of yourself that is now totally and completely your own thought. It will be very important that you say everything that you need or have needed to say. Eliminate all doubt in your mind and the minds of others. Speak your peace if you will. Because you are now speaking from a true place of authenticity. Your communication will almost seem like there was a rebirth of sorts from aspects of your personality that you really did not want to address or confront.

Use this time to take time to yourself to think, to study. Go into monk mode or recharge mode. Again prayer, meditation, whatever you need to do to let yourself zone out a bit, because this allows you to reemerge fresh. Be Mindful of heavy drinking or drug use, as this will not help you get the result that you need to come up for air so to speak. And mentally, the intuition is high and you will not wont to drown that out. Retreating because of fear or fear on confrontation will allow keep you entangled in unnecessary self pity talks. If you need to confront someone or its you that is confronted, don’t be afraid of that, it you keep talks open, honest and on the up and up its less likely to work against you.


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