March 28th

March 28th – Mostly Good Vibes

Today we’ve got some mostly good vibes coming our way, And with the way things are going we need it. For me on a personal level, Recent events have been taking a hit. I told a friend the other day that “I can’t say that life is beating my ass, but, I will say that its got some hands” LOL.

Many of us have been undergoing massive changes to our lives and its the universes way of calibrating the way we’ve been existing in everyday life. We are certainly here to do more than exist, no matter what your past is, good or bad the point in life is to be present and operate purposefully.

Alot of folks are starting their spiritual awakening, and its an eye opening transition and points out to us the things that we’ve been chasing or paying attention to are essentially, superficial.

So while we are fighting our battles, lets look at today as a “time out” we can go to our corner of the ring and get some insight on how things are going and what we need to try to implement in the next round.

Ultimately, right now we are getting a gigantic wake up call to get back in the path back to the original source. We are in a time frame that is similar to when you were a kid and your parents gave you rules and you thought that you knew better than them so did what you wanted to do in spite of the guidelines given to you and now you are in some shit. lol

So as we enter as disciplinary phase of the process, we’ve gotten some privileges suspended. And its a time to reflect on the root cause of the decisions that we’ve made. But today is like what it feels like the storm is moving on and there is at the very least a platform to calm the ruffled feathers. If we can begin to recognize the change needed, we can start the process of transformation. this is the lemons to lemonade moment.

I do want to point out that we are just coming out of the full moon, which occurred on March 9th, this full moon was a powerful and intense one, which was the Enough Is Enough Wake Up Call. We also just experienced a Uranus transit, which brings change. BIG Changes at that.

There’s still a process to this and having the best recipe for our life lemonade is vital. So let’s get to it.

The Blessing In the Lesson

Moon Sextile Neptune – Emotional Connections To Recognizing What We Thought it was And What is Really is
Words may convey a bit more emotional meaning than usual, as under-the-radar communication makes inner messages clear. Spiritual deeds are done without a second thought and life as usual has a certain glow. Filling out earlier-imagined schemes pays off and keeping good company comes with ease.

The best way to explain this is that on a emotionally level there is an undercurrent of thought that is forcing us to pay attention to the things that we have impulsively responded to. Do you know what you did? What were you thinking? Was it worth it?

And it’s your turn to respond. The feelings that you access now are one of one’s of realizing that perhaps you could’ve done things differently. You’ll be able to truly rationalize your motives and determine a plan not to repeat this pattern.

Venus Trine Jupiter – An Extension of Grace
Bounty and generosity go hand in hand and snowball when everyone is willing to tap assets without holding back. To live is to give, and get back accordingly. Launch it now and there will always be plenty to go around, a veritable birthday for the golden goose. The idea is growth through good feeding in all respects.

Have you ever been in a situation that you weren’t sure if what has been done is forgivable? And wondered what and how you could do things to show and express your accountability? You worry that you may only revisit the bad of the situation only to find that it actually goes over a lot smoother than you expected? This is the energy of this transit.

Venus influences our self esteem and value system and Jupiter gives a little luck when we are working towards improvement. When those efforts get together, you can shed some light on how to proceed appropriately and have support.

Moon Trine Jupiter – Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Emotional tides are strong and upbeat, and all you have to do is ride them as if you were born to sail. Foundations laid today will be firm and supportive and continue to evolve that way. Feelings of friendship abound and it’s easy to see the good side of anyone — just remember there may be other sides, too.

All interactions are a two way street. For every give there is take. You should be able to figure out exactly how much pressure to apply when situations arise. You’ll need to be aware of how to keep your cool.

Moon Conjunct Venus
Charm abounds and an atmosphere of love and desire allows for all sorts of pleasantries and can provide the foundations of lots more like it to come, if you go for it now. Directions begun today can be the start of great friendships, beautiful handiwork, and achievements that bring both wealth and love.

Ultimately, this is like taking a step back from what you’ve been doing and finding ways to appreciate the how far you’ve come. Wealth here is not just about money, it’s also means wealth of health, or information. When you can really get your finger on the pulse of a matter, you can easily find solutions to what’s really needed to go to the next step.

Moon Trine Pluto – Helps to Bring Insight to what has changed.
A sure confidence that all will be well, whatever happens, fills the air, and faith in yourself and others is exactly what will make that come true. A great day for starting things that require sustained confidence and follow-through. Mutual assurance breeds conviction and a platform for all to share.

Moon Trine Mars
Today has strength and energy written all over it – a good time for a power breakfast, lunch, or dinner and getting down to brass tacks on deals you want to see really pick up speed. Or a good time for just getting out there and getting physical. A strong stride established today will take you all the way to the finish line.

Moon in Gemini – Confidence And Finding The Right Words
Words abound and messages fly for the next couple of days, when talk will be cheap but follow-through may not be. It’s a good time for making new contacts and developing old ones, and for putting your finger on feelings that have been waiting the right kind of expression. Say what you mean, but don’t be afraid to change it, refine it, on the fly.

Moon Trine Saturn – Time To Start Your Engine, It’s A GO
There’s a certain stability in the general atmosphere that makes it safe to say what you feel, but not too much. Conservation of emotion might be the phrase. It’s a time to be mutually reassuring, rather than wildly supportive; projects launched will be stable, though, perhaps not very showy.

Venus Trine Pluto – Things Work In Your Favor
When you’re sure you’re going to get what you want, you probably will, and that kind of attitude all around makes for a general win-win situation. Cross-purposes are at a minimum and a fundamental agreement on mutual goals and desires means one hand washes the other and vice versa for joint pleasures.

Final Words –

Today is a good day, If you know how to work it. As Missy Elliot said, put that thing down flip it and reverse it lol. There’s a sense of grace and support to get yourself together and create new circumstances that you’ve hoped and prayed for. Today is all about surveying the lay of the land with the areas of your life and finding solutions to live a life that you love and deserve, This energy is about clapping for yourself, aligning yourself and getting back on track. You don’t need to have the world clap for you in you can find your own true confidence and love for yourself.

It’s perfect for evaluating your belief system and self esteem and really putting in the work for discarding what is no longer suitable for you. how have you made others feel and how do you allow others to make you feel? it’s time for change, especially at the soul level. when you can tap into courage during change you set the tone for new and better experiences to find you. take a look at your natal chart to see what areas need this type of re -invigoration to maximize your approach and harmony.

Sending LOVE,


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