Mercury In Cancer Squares Mars in Aries JULY 8TH, 2020

This Aspect isn’t a great one, its heated and emotional, it can be manipulative and violent. This is one of those aspects that makes communication difficult. That’s why I’m giving you a heads up so that you can get through it like a boss!

When Mercury In Cancer Meets Mars in Aries

There’s a scene in the movie ” Rush Hour” Where Chris Tucker and Jackie They each have a different motive and are both out to catch the bad guys. Upon their first meeting Chris Tucker assumes that Jackie Chan doesn’t speak english, Out of Frustration, Chris Yells at Jackie ” Do You Understand The Words That Are Coming Outta My Mouth?” Because of it comedic spin its funny, but in real life when incidents happen like this, its not very funny and a source of tempers flaring and saying things out of anger to push buttons. By the end of the movie, they become a dynamic duo but it took some effort and understanding each others weaknesses and turning them into strengths . This is what its like when Mercury meets and challenges mars, if properly balanced. Results.

Mercury Square Mars =

A Breakdown In Communication

Mercury represents the way that a person communicates and absorbs information from the world around them. And when in the sign of cancer the energy within communications is emotionally provoking.

A square is a powerful aspect and can really bring about change and respect IF handled properly. Otherwise, its a shit show on gasoline covered stick. The purpose of a square whether by transit or in the natal chart is to act as a spur to action to get work done. Unfortunately, it’s energy is harsh, and creates tension. can produce anger, depression and can make you feel downright defeated. A square shows each of us the lesson the hard way.

This effects of this aspect is what happens when fire and water come together, Obviously neither of these can occur simultaneously without adapting in some way. Water can put out fire, or fire can reduce the water to nothing but a vapor. When both elements are handled responsibly then the results are constructive.

Mercury is about communication, Cancer represents our home base, comfort zones, home and what we are sensitive to, Mars is about the things that motivate us to get what we want, what we are passionate about. Aries rules the head, our ideas, how we present ourselves, individually.

Cancer and Aries, are both cardinal signs, meaning they represent a new season or approach to different areas of everyday life. They also square each other, or challenge each other in a not so good way. The exchange can be downright infuriating. Especially if done in an unconscious approach.

I have a son who was learning how to get himself dressed, I let him pick out his clothes and the shoes he wanted to wear, he had a favorite pair the he wore, because “they made him run fast” , but, for what ever reason, he always put his shoes on the opposite feet, I would tell him, your shoes are on the wrong feet and he would either become defensive and say ” I want them like this” or He would say” Okay, I will fix them”. On the days when he wore them the way he wanted to, his feet would hurt and he would have to switch the shoes and he would get on the car at the end of the day and tell me how he had to switch his shoes because he could couldn’t run fast because his feet hurt. After a few times of him becoming aware of the inconvenience he started to make sure that he had his shoes on the correct way.

This is somewhat how the interaction is between Cancer and Aries,Squaring each other, once you pinpoint the area of discomfort, then a change can be made.

With Mercury Square Mars you will be curious, opinionated, combative, faultfinding, and sharp tongued. Its common during this transit, to have keep explaining yourself, or you can find that other cans be easily offended by something that you say, even innocently, even if its true. Long story short, this transit makes misunderstandings easily accessible.

Sooo, when and if you feel that things are getting tense its just best to step away, and wait until tempers die down. One of the biggest challenges of this aspect whether by transit, meaning outside influences or where you have this aspect in your natal chart, the blueprint of your personality is admitting when you are wrong and Since the focal point of the square is on Mercury in Cancer, the idea is (aries) is to find ways to find solutions instead of harping on the problem and how it makes you feel.

Don’t get me wrong, its critically important to be emotionally aware and intelligent and say how you feel, but it’s another to use it as a weapon towards others. Its hard to improve an area of life and make it more comfortable( cancer) if you refuse to focus on the solution or work( mars) that has to be done.

During this time, pay attention to the areas of your life that are emotionally demanding, this is a great time to address past issues, and discuss compromises about getting things on track. the bulk of this energy will be around for a day or two, then it will subside a bit and mercury will move in the Leo in a couple of weeks. The ultimate goal over the next couple of weeks is to clear out emotional junk that is standing in the way of new beginnings in your life. Hang in there. This too shall pass 🙂

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