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Mind Over Matter – Tips To Activate Your Faith During This Full MOON In Virgo

Power Struggles Come to A Head During this Full Moon In Virgo  – Take Notice of Your Fear of Lack in Reality vs An Abundant Mindset By Faith.

 Full Moon In Virgo Message – How Can I Move Away From Fear and Into Faith?

Questions To Ask Yourself – what have you done to put your dreams into reality? In what ways are your own way and operating in fear? And in what ways are you allowing yourself to make mistakes in order to learn how to be really good at something new?

A few thoughts came to mind as I was preparing this article.

#1 – your fear is full of shit

#2 – allow yourself the opportunity to be bad at something new.

#3 – if you have a vision or a dream to contribute to the world- your world that stirs you up to the point to where you can “feel” it soul level and embody it. Then it for you! If you can believe you can achieve it.

Face It Til You Make IT !

This full moon is like a visit to your dr for a check up and you’re asked the questions above. Take some time to think about What your answers would be.
A new moon is a time of intentional visualizations. Each month we have a new and full moon in each of the constellations, essentially we plant new seeds of intention based on the energy of the season or sign we are in and end with a “ follow up” full moon.

This happens each and every month, since we are apart of God(Source) we are continually growing  through and multiplying in our lives. Think of your self as a cell that keeps multiplying to become stronger and fight off attacks on the body. In this case I referring to the spiritual body and aspects of what we are.

So at this full moon, we need to take time to pay attention to the areas of life that this full moon energy will be calling to follow up with you. Check your natal charts so that you can tell exactly where you need to “check up” on something.

The push and pull of this is between what you have that is draining you or causing you to fear to ask for help vs what you want but don’t quite know how to get there but are taking steps to accomplish your dreams in a stable way and being truthful with yourself that we don’t ask have them answers and everything doesn’t have to be completely perfect in order for you to get started with something new.

By being honest with ourselves without judgment or fear we allow for the universe to come and support us.

So take a look at the areas in your natal placement that have Pisces, Virgo, Moon for more insight on where you’ll need to release fear and initiate faith and courage. And just watch how quickly you’ll start to notice little breadcrumbs to light your way.

Shifting from a Lack Mindset to an Abundance Mindset

“When freedom is the objective, uncertainty is a necessary step for change (faith is required). When control is the goal, manipulation is the natural action (stealing power is a necessity). As long as we are controlled and manipulated by fear, we are not free.”


Run Your Race
Run Your Race

Your New Navigation System

Tip #1 CHECK YOUR MOTIVATION – for any action you take: Are you running away from something you do not want, or toward something, you desire?
Lack Example : Being Motivated by fear (destructive)
Abundance Transformation: Be Motivated By Your Highest Vision(creative)


Lack Example: Being Ruled Strictly By The Mind
Abundance Transformation : Allow Guidance From The Heart (how we FEEL becomes utmost importance)

Tip #3: Go DIRECTLY TOWARD WHAT YOU WANT (Avoid unnecessary steps that drain energy and time)
Lack Example: Systems and long routes that drain energy and time (taking a long way)
Abundance Transformation : Removes roadblocks and unnecessary steps – goes directly toward our desire


Lack Example: Lack always holds us in the victim/aggressor/savior paradigm
Abundance Transformation: No part of us is ever compromised (win/win/win). If it is not a win, Then Its lesson on how to be better the next time.


Lack Example: Dominate emotions: Fear, guilt, and shame. Confusion, lack of clarity, feeling of disconnection from others, lack of diverse thought IN LACK: Being different is the source of our pain
Abundance Transformation : Dominate emotions: Joy, excitement, creative inspiration, exhilaration, clarity, connection, unique ideas/perspectives (diversity) IN ABUNDANCE: Being different is the source of our power


Lack Example: False flattery, false praise, Putting Up A False Front i.e, keeping how you REALLY feel to yourself instead of facing the discomfort. Lack Separates us from our true selves. Which Becomes Ultimately destructive
Abundance Transformation : 100% Authenticity. we get exactly what we ask for because we are 100% honest about what we need. We can connect to our true selves and function out a higher vibration. Which becomes restorative to the soul




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