Moon In Libra Today – A Bit of Give and Take

What The “MOON” Means in regular terms
The moon represents that part of the human psyche which triggers the emotional responses from an individual. For a more in depth on understanding, the “Moon” written in a horoscope is about the development or feelings or to experiences that cause someone to respond emotionally.

The Moon in your natal chart would help to define what one would call the soul and the House represents the area of life that your emotional needs and responses play out in life. It how you understand the processes of your emotions and how to properly become in tune with yourself.


Moon Enters Libra On March 10- March 11th

With the Moon ( Emotional Needs and Reactions) In Libra( Sign of Relationships/ Partnerships, Marriages, The Flow of Rapport and Equal Identification of Roles between at least 2 People)

Any Emotions surrounding This Two Placements, Planet & Sign will likely be brought your attention at some point. The Secret to getting the best understanding of these placements is to look at your natal chart to find out where your natal moon is connecting to the transiting moon and to find out what house or planets you have in Libra to see its influence at a personal level.

If you want to understand some of your strengths or weaknesses, see your Libra friends, because they act as mirrors to those that they are closest to. They operate best when the exchanges that they are involved in are fair and can generate growth. Balance is key to the successful development of the Libra personality.

If they become moody or indecisive, its a key indicator that whomever or whatever they are dealing with has caused an internal struggle of sorts. And they will need to at that point speak up about their doubts and concerns, instead of just ” seeing how things go”

Moon in 0 Degrees Libra –
Give and take are what’s expected for the next couple of days, so expect to mix it up if you’re going to make much headway. This doesn’t  necessarily mean that there will be conflict,  But there will need to be active participation and the willingness to change and be changed from moment to moment. It’s what both love and war (and business) are made of, you choose the game, and the playing field.



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