Identifying Deception

Moon Oppostion Neptune – Identifying Deception

Today’s Vibe – Today March 9th 2020 – ARE YOU BEING REAL WITH YOURSELF? Moon ( Emotional Nature) Opposes Neptune ( beliefs/ Perception) is all about double checking

Moon Opposite Neptune – Identifying Deception 
As soon as the fog lifts, it’s back again, and trying to steer a straight course will be hard for all, so double-check information and go slow to avoid collisions. Misunderstood and/or misstated feelings should be expected, so hurt feelings can be avoided. The ground is soft underfoot, so step cautiously.


The Moon opposite Neptune Interpretation – In a  natal chart or transit aspect gets a reputation of being one of the more challenging placements to have. The Moon in our natal chart represents our feelings, primal emotions, nurturing needs, and sensitivity (and its level of depth and expression). Neptune is a generational planet nicknamed the “higher octave of the Moon” for its increased level of empathy, spirituality and artistry, when it is in its higher manifestation. In its lower vibration, however, Neptune rules addictions, illusions, and loss of boundariesThere are several similarities between the opposition’s effects and those of the square aspect between Neptune and the Moon, although with the opposition the inner tension and stress is more projected outwards into the world so that it is reflected back by other people and the environment.

You tend to look for the solutions to your problems in the outer world, often by forms of dependency on others, or by misidentifying  people, places or material possessions which seem to offer some sense of security and escape from those inner pressures of emotional confusion. In other words, you tend to be mislead often because you are one of those people that always focus on the good of people or situations but are often disappointed when things do work the way you hoped or believed in.

By doing this, you are liable to fragment an already fragile emotional nature, and by displacing your center you are liable to suffer a loss of motivational and directional cohesiveness to your life.

As is common with these planetary contacts, there is an over-imaginative production of illusions, where the boundaries of truth and fiction become blurred at the edges. It is within your more personal and intimate relationships that these illusions are probably most active and observable, especially as they tend to create distortions, disorder and confusion in communication.

At times you may feel trapped within your lifestyle, aching to become free of any situations that you feel are oppressing you. You often respond to such feelings by attempts at escapism, tending to prefer ‘running away’ from problems rather than confronting them in an effort to resolve them.

This psychic emotional sensitivity and empathy to people and environments tends to be very influential, and you tend to absorb all impressions without any protection or discrimination. Underlying the emotional vulnerability and lack of confidence is a reservoir of creative talent that can be used; the difficulty lies in being able to clear a path for it to flow through into manifestation, and to do so requires the transformation of inhibiting emotional patterns.

If you seriously choose to apply yourself, then perhaps through disciplined training and tuition you could unlock the closed doors to this inner imaginative talent and release that frustrated energy.

Self-confidence will improve as each small step is taken and you begin to observe the improvements that are happening, and slowly you’ll believe that you can exploit that reservoir of hidden potential that is so deeply located within you.

You’ll start to redefine your aims and intentions in life, piecing together a new direction to travel, forging a lifestyle that fits you and which does not generate friction through inner frustration and conflict.

Relationships will improve as clarity depends through more realistic appraisals and understanding.

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