Relationship Compatibility Astrology Report



Love is one the great mysteries of life; it can be a great frustration or great joy. A compatibility synastry report is the astrological blueprint of a relationship.  A Synastry report analyzes each of the people involved and provides insights comparing and contrasting characters of how (1) How each person approaches relationships and (2) How the people involved in the relation interact with each other.

What’s In the Report?

Friends & Lovers profiles are written exclusively for the both of you: these reports are a guided tour of a relationship given to you by a counseling astrologer. Friends & Lovers calculates two personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and then prints out an in-depth profile of what is happening, astrologically, with and between each person. A Friends & Lovers report is written in four parts, with each part looking at the relationship from both your perspective as well as from the other person’s.

First: to be explored is how you approach relationships in general. Do you have an easy time becoming close to someone? What are the traits which will influence all of your relationships – from your childhood friends to your business associates? The clues for answers to these questions (and more) are in your birth chart. Friends & Lovers finds these clues, interprets them, and thus provides answers in this first portion of the report.

Second: how are these same questions answered in the other person’s chart? What does the other person bring to a relationship that either helps or hinders?

Third: determine how you relate, uniquely, with this person: How do your two charts intertwine in order to create the feelings you are now experiencing?

Fourth: learn how this person relates to you. How will you two get along? What role does each play?

What You Need To Get One

Make certain you fill out both areas below for EACH PERSON.  I personally guarantee that only I calculate and write each chart.

NOTE – I will send you an e-mail right after I receive your order asking for confirmation of your birth information. ONLY after I receive a confirmation e-mail from you confirming the accuracy of your birth information will I begin writing your chart. I will send the chart within 48 hours of your confirmation e-mail.

Required: Name, birth date, birth time and birth place are required.

If you do not have a birth time for the other person, then choose 12:00 PM and use their birth location. This will help you get as accurate as possible.



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