Your Child – Parent and Child Compatibility and Natal Chart Report

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As a parent, There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach towards parenting.  The key is to find the best tools to use to support your hard work.

When a Child is born they are in many ways a mystery to us. How will they turn out ? What will their personality be like ? Astrology says that their basic makeup is already there but just not revealed for now. Events to come will surely shape them but their basic personality is there from the start.

Being a parent is challenging. however, when you’re equipped with your child’s “blueprint”  you can get a glimpse into that nature before they are able to speak and communicate their thoughts to you. In this way one could say the Child Report is more valuable than all the others. The report is written in a way designed specially to describe a young child, their needs and desires and preferences

A job description for a parent would include something of almost every other job. When we study the child’s astrological chart, we can instantly attune to how we can best guide them. Strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, and potentials jump off the page. We can see how to turn around negative momentum and maximize talents that otherwise may not have been readily apparent. Understanding leads to greater patience, a virtue of immeasurable worth in child-rearing!


This report is most definitely a MUST HAVE! Its especially helpful for adoptive or step parents that are looking to create a bond between their kids.


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