Summer Retrogrades 2018 Dates To Remember To Stay Ahead Of The Chaos

Summer Retrogrades 2018


The summer solstice officially kicked off June 22, When the Sun moved into the zodiac constellation of Cancer. The skies above have been busy so far this year, a lot of folks have been buckling down this year and really getting down to business about making changes in their lives, thanks to the current transit of Saturn In Capricorn, its time out for playing games.

This summer is all about retrogrades! Check out the current and upcoming retrogrades so that you can be prepared and ahead of the chaos.

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Saturn In Capricorn Retrograde – April 18- December 18
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde – April 22- October 1
Neptune in Pisces Retrograde – June 19 – November
Mars In Aquarius Retrograde – June 27 – August 27
Mercury In Leo Retrograde – July 26 – August 19

Be sure to check out your personal natal chart and check out the house(s) where these retrogrades could bring opportunity or require that you review what’s already going on.

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