So Today 01/23/2020 We have a square between the Sun in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This transit has been building up since January 16th and will be in effect until the last day of the month.

This aspect is exact today, which is another way to say its right on the mark. The hammer hits the nail today. This aspect presents a challenge in the personality and the demand for freedom to express itself at all costs, which is where the trouble comes in.

This energy lends to outbursts. You may be feeling the sudden need for change or may be feeling stifled and just want to do things your way. PERIOD 🙂 

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So what’s on the menu during this phase? Reform, Rebellion, Radical, Insistence of Freedom, Independence, Innovation and Revolution. Originality.

The transit will have sudden bursts of Objections to the personality and the environment that you are in consistently. All of a sudden, things can be cool and then the next, your like ” I need to quit this job, I’m done dealing with this or that” I’m tired of doing this a certain way” etc. A spike in anxiety? Oh yeah!!

The Sun Represents the Ego, The Personality, Confidence, Your willpower and right now its Aquarius Season so this time frame is all about independence, taking the road less traveled, Standing out being unique, and trying to get into the swing of your individual “swag”. Couple that with Uranus which is the planet that is like gasoline to a fire and shit gets real. real fast. lightning fast.

How to benefit during this transit? If there’s something that’s been nagging at you that you been wanting to change but haven’t had the courage or the energy to do so, now is the time to add action to your plans. Simply because you can really be truthful about what you want in your life and what you don’t.



The Kicker or the Challenge comes in when you are not aware of this energy and what it feels like: Your attitude might have you bumping heads with partners or authority figures and that’s because this energy basically feels like Teenage Angst lol. There’s a lotta people out there that have just been going on with the flow and making compromises that they really didn’t want to make. And the Universe saw that and now its like its pushing you to make a choice that puts you at peace. To do the right thing for yourself for proper alignment for your journey and your calling in life.  But making these choices are difficult because its like a leap before you look feeling.  

So first off, know that everyone is not really trying to limit your development, but you are currently experiencing an outward manifestation of inner tension. Now that you are aware of that, you can get yourself back on a more grounded level and mental train of thought.  NO KNUCKIN’ AND BUCKIN’ . lol

Right now the desire for regaining your sense of power is STRONG! Before you succeed, in this power exchange, Remain Intentional with your force and remember that there’s no magic wand, I wish that there was because I would be the zappin’ queen!! Its super important to remember that growth and change happen one step at a time.  Redirecting your energies towards results instead of responding to others will be the best thing that you can do right now. This is how you not only gain respect for yourself but gain the respect of others, eventually 🙂  

If you’ve ever attempted to do what was best for yourself, especially, when it comes to changing WHO has access to you as you are evolving, then you know it’s a battle sometimes. People wont let you be great, and its primarily because you are heading to the next level and those who have not reached that point of self awareness and consciousness don’t know HOW to make the moves you are and would much rather you stay in the comfort zone. It can be hard and scary to think about stepping out of comfort zone. 



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Lets keep in mind that this a good transit but its its rough af around the edges. This is all about introducing new change, fresh air to your life. Every now and then we have to establish new boundaries. Its time to break down your everyday routine and this is not going to sit well with some. One of the cool things about this frustrating transit is that you’ll probably uncover a very valuable aspect of yourself that you never knew existed, because you were too afraid to let it come out.  Your crazy may come out a little lol but,  when well expressed, you can find out whats really been bothering you and how you can make changes in your life that can lead you to a more authentic way of being YOU and living life by the rules that are right for you. 


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