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Everything you need and want to know about Jupiter in Scorpio

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A new season is approaching us, Jupiter will move into Scorpio on October 10th 2017 until November 9th 2018. During these  next 13 months the keys to our growth and prosperity will lie in our response to the menu options that Jupiter in Scorpio will be presenting to us. If you have been wanting to take your life to the next level, stay tuned because Jupiter in Scorpio is the transit for you!


What does Jupiter in Scorpio have to do with me?

I’m glad that you asked. If you talk to any astrologer, the one planet that gets a lot of praise and positive boasting is the massive planet of Jupiter. In Astrology, Jupiter is the planet that rules luck, the best types of social opportunity and reward. Jupiter is the planet that you view in your natal chart to find out how you get your mojo poppin’.

Jupiter is considered to be a beneficial planet or better stated, it is the planet where you can access the tools that you need to get what you want in life. Sounds great, huh? Of course it does. But,  Before we get all lit af on the inside, Let’s take a second to go over some of the things that Jupiter represents and what it covers in the birth chart or by transit.

 Jupiter by transit or in the birth chart represents :

  1. Indicates the area of life in which are trying to grow and the means(astrological planetary energy) by which you are doing this.
  2. Jupiter shows you how to build trust and faith in yourself and consequently in others.
  3. Represents the key of understanding by which you can independently create value such as money, self esteem, popularity, just to name a few and personal growth out of any circumstance that life presents. Ultimately, the areas of life that you turn water into wine(UM. YEAH) or where you make lemonade from lemons.
  4. Reveals your belief system, where you are optimistic and see the bigger vision which allows you to operate from your faith in life.
  5. Jupiter indicates the area of natural good fortune, that when activated helps you to overcome feelings of limitations and fear.
  6. Jupiter illuminates the area of life where you want to find your truth in religion or philosophy and align your ideals to a greater cause or calling in your life.

   So, what’s going to happen to me during this transit?

Surprised adult asking you mean me?

This Jupiter in Scorpio transit is intriguing. We touched briefly earlier about taking your life to the next level, Indeed, the opportunity to do so is here. Any random google search about Scorpios or Scorpio characteristics and some of the few results that come up are SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, there a few articles that Scorpios are brooding,vindictive and INTENSE. But is that true?

A closer look at Scorpio energy shows that most Scorpios or a heavy Scorpio influenced natal chart( like mine) reveals something deeper than what’s on the surface. Scorpio is a water sign, which means that its outward manifestation is emotional. Scorpio is a sign that “feels” deeply, nearly every experience that is had is one that connects to the feelings associated with passion, drive, sexuality,intimacy on all levels,  life giving or draining connections, death and regeneration.

Does this transit mean that you are gonna be body rockin’ the sheets like sex maniacs, toiling and writhing with lust and desire? Possibly. Lord knows I will gladly take a jumbo platter of sexy time. LOL. Does this transit mean that your impending doom is upon you? That is not likely. But this transit will be about the opportunity and optimism to step out and feel more connected with yourself and others.

This transit wants you to strip away superficiality and find out what it takes to have your needs met, What type of experiences do you need to “feel” and embrace your emotional and desire nature so that you are able to have more faith in life and in yourself.  During this season of your life, it will also be imperative that you recognize areas in your life where you may be taking things for granted.

A Guru will do.

Guru word cloud


Jupiter is related to a guru or great teacher, So long story short. You will learn and you will be tested but you are also fully capable of passing with flying colors.

Jupiter in Scorpio will:

Will Power Concept

  1.  Motivate you to seek and to improve yourself through transmutation of desires and compulsions and will allow you to have an unusually thorough understandings of life’s inner working. You may begin to notice an increased level of intuition and hunches, which will help you become one step ahead.


  1. The Midas Touch. Resourcefulness will be at your disposal. You will have opportunities to shrewdly judge people and situations, becoming fully aware of what will be required of you to take advantage and make magic of a situation.

Midas Touch

  1. Use this transit to overcome limitations of your faith by ridding yourself of fear, secrecy and the inability to open up emotionally, to be real and authentic without the hesitation of being manipulated by others. If you are one of those people who have deep and loving feelings for your loved ones but have a difficult time expressing that, this transit is here to encourage you to speak up and tell them how you truly feel. Open those lines of emotional communications.     Freedom From Fear Concept
  2. Feel that you have a higher calling or purpose? Jupiter in Transit is here to reveal a whole heap of options for you. You’ll feel more obligued to dig a little deeper and explore yourself and connect to a “higher power” with trust.Emotional Wellbeing
  3. The ability to transform yourself and tap into self confidence, For example, if your weight makes you feel insecure, you will gain access to the hidden determination that you have had and make not only physical changes but spiritual, psychological, and emotional transformation as well. Another example could be, that if you have not been speaking up about your sexual needs and desires, you’ll now tap into the courage to speak up and look for ways to transform your sex life into a liberating and fulfilling experience for you and your lover.



To sum it up Jupiter in Scorpio will bestow gifts of efficiency, and drive to work hard at making necessary changes in your life. Jupiter in Scorpio brings with it a flair for business. You may discover a talent or new way of doing something that increases your money you make. Magnetism will be all over you like wet on water, wherever this transit is within your natal chart. More people will seem to be more drawn to you because you have a presence of authority. This is the transit to dig deep in yourself and pull out the best of yourself and share it with the world.












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