The First Full Moon of 2020 Happens Today.

Full Moon  in Cancer ♋️

Today we have a full moon today. It will be completely full at 11:21 am this morning.

What is a full moon about?
Factually speaking, The full moon occurs when Earth is located between the Sun and the Moon. I love this description because it illustrates exactly what is happening in the celestial sky and how it affects us.

Astrologically Speaking, when a full moon happens, it’s like taking a Polaroid photo and seeing what the picture came out as. The significance of the transiting moon is transient—it only lasts for a short time.

Because the moon moves so fast. the natal moon is one of the most powerful points of a persons natal chart, it’s transit may go by without too much notice.
When the moon is transiting your natal planets it’s effects can be felt for a few hours at the most. By itself the travel of the moon is mostly felt by changes of mood, encounters with others and a variety of passing emotions.
Transits of the Moon of the moon through the houses ( your different areas of life) can last a couple of days.

Exceptions to this rule occur whenever there’s a major change; New Moons, Full Moons etc.. upon a natal planet can be felt or have influence for one to four weeks. The effect of an eclipse or a natal planet, such as the one which are currently experiencing as well, may be felt up to several months.

In other words, transits emphasize how your individual energy is set off.

The moon in astrology-

  1. focuses and can define the unconscious side of the personality, who you are when you’re comfortable.
  2. The set of habits and instincts you rely on to navigate through life and interactions with others. It’s the constantly changing personality that responds and reacts to external stimulation.
  3. It represents how you feel about the past and the nostalgia associated with the past, therefore it tends to follow traditional avenues.
  4. The moon indicates the need to feel wanted or emotional security and attracts an individual to matters that require attention and to people who require protection.
  5. Moon influences are more maternal love rather than romantic love and demands ownership of affection to satisfy emotion insecurity.

If you are using astrology to learn more about yourself and all the intricacies of who you are then being aware of the moon in your blueprint or natal chart and by transit is a great way to make conscious changes to certain activities and areas of life, so that become more aware of timing, and initiation of when to do things and when to not to do them.

Remember, the moon moves through all 12 signs and houses of your life once a month. This is why some times you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t 🤪


Seriously though, since the moon moves the fastest it influences our emotional energy and desires regularly so we experience change in our approach day to day.

Full Moons are like a 6 month check up on new moons. Since this moon is in a water sign you may find that you feel more emotional, more psychic or intuitive or drawn towards more mysterious or be feeling more curious about things that are unknown to you or something that you’ve never really given much thought to.

When the Moon is in Cancer

Regardless of what your Sun or Moon signs are, for a couple of days a month we’re all under the influence of the Cancer Moon. We’ll feel a little bit more tender, and more vulnerable than we do during other times of the month.

You’ll have the urge to put up stronger walls between you and others in order to protect yourself. This is one of Cancer’s tricks — living behind your castle walls so you can feel safe. So, during the Moon in Cancer transit, you’ll feel more protective not only over yourself, but also those you love.

When the moon is in the zodiac constellation of Cancer, it’s in its home placement. it represents a time when you should be making a conscious effort to take stock of what is growing and taking root in your life and what isn’t.

Breaking down the significance of this full moon

The Full Moon and Ecplise in Cancer ♋️ is especially good for Taurus, Cancers, Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisces. But it’s more challenging for the other sun signs.
The energy surrounding the next couple of days can be – Dependent and Possibly Needy. The message of this moon is to find what you need to feel sure of yourself and to get clear about what you need for emotional satisfaction.
It’s important to find to balance between what you need to achieve, and your quality time at home and how both affect you.

Pay attention to —

  1. the processes that you may separate yourself emotionally from others or depriving yourself of the closeness and intimacy you need for personal security.
  2. The things that trigger you that tempt you to manipulate others or how you allow yourself to be manipulated- through dependencies, sensitivities and unmet expectations.
  3. When The lessons of emotional dependency and personal insecurity arise that you continue to experience but haven’t yet had the courage to either voice them tactfully or purge said matters from your life.
  4. Your ability to adjust emotionally to the changing situations of life.
  5. Habits of survival dependency from childhood that result in insecurity and perpetual lack of true inner satisfaction when carried into adult life.

You may have an impulsive tendency to trample on or ignore the feelings of others if you habitually seek to fulfill your own emotional needs first. Indulging in ways of self centered emotion can make it difficult to see beyond your own needs to the solutions offered by others for emotional balance.

Wanting everyone and everything else to only pay attention to you can lead to crushing disappointment if you don’t get your way. This is toxic, its bullshit if you do this others, so do better. And if you allow this from others, its bullshit, so remove this negativity from your immediate environment.

Take responsibility for creating the emotional closeness that you need. It has become apparent that past methods aren’t working. And the the truth is, others cannot provide your need for fulfillment. The right people will do all they can to empower and support what you need if they are able to offer that to you and the wrong ones will suffocate you with all the reasons why they can’t because they won’t know how to offer you what you deserve.

Some Attributes to develop, working on these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents

  1. Noticing and validating feeling
  2. Empathy
  3. Nurturing and Supporting others
  4. Building your own foundation and security
  5. Honest disclosure of feelings and insecurities
  6. Humility
  7. Accepting others moods and quirks without judgement or allowing it to ruin your mood.
  8. Staying centered in your own feelings
  9. Forgiveness. Even if you’ve never received an apology

Some Tendencies to Release

  1. The need to control everything and everyone
  2. The compulsive need to take charge without fully understanding the situation
  3. Ignoring the process of emotional connections and only being focused on the goal of how you want to feel.
  4. Feeling responsible for everything
  5. Hiding feelings and fears within intimate relationships
  6. Doing things only to get attention and admiration from others
  7. Taking care of everyone else’s feelings and needs ( clearly this is intended for adults, take care of the kiddies or anyone that you interact with that cannot do for themselves. )
  8. Doing what is “ socially acceptable “ rather than what is totally honest for honoring yourself authentically.
  9. Thinking that things have to be chaotic or difficult in order to be important or change.

Over the next couple of days and weeks, nurture yourself. Be around the people that empower you to always be your best. Share meals and memories or maybe, even create new ones that you’ve had in mind but haven’t yet accomplished.

Stay in the house if need be to recharge your batteries. This is a great time to work on your doubts and fears. Don’t run away from them, face them head on. Work through the issues or thoughts that worry or trouble you.It’s a great time to be soft with the yourself and those that you trust or want to build a future with.

If you feel insecure, stop , have a word with yourself, and remember that you are the and if you don’t feel that way just yet, still, encourage yourself, speak life over yourself, hype yourself up so that others can’t tell you a damn thing about who you are or try to take it away. Sometimes the fear of change won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it afraid. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you are happy. Immensely, unapologetic, beautifully, vividly, and freely happy.

The most important spiritual growth doesn’t always happen when you’re meditating or on a yoga mat, it happens in the midst of conflict, when you’re angry, and frustrated or scared from doing the same old thing and you finally realize that you have a choice to do things differently.

Do YOU Boo!! 

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