Get Caught Up- This Week In Astrology

The Sun Moved Into The Sign Of Virgo, Mercury Is In Virgo, Venus Is In Cancer & Mars Is In Aries.

As of August 22nd, we are officially in Beyonce season, I mean Virgo Season(LOL). I happen to really like this time of year, Where I live you can begin to see the seasons change, the morning air is a little more light and airy, and one of my favorite types of trees, the Japanese Maple Tree, starts to show off its beauty.

Astrologically, The Sun In Virgo ushers a new type of energy as well, The Sun in Virgo helps to boost the vitality in the personality that allows us to pay attention to the smaller details and how to implement ways to put things in order. To me its the calm before the storm of the holiday season here in the U.S. We’ve got Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve that are getting ready get our attention.

Oddly enough, even though we are social distancing and some are still quarantine-ing, Most of all are trying to find new ways to participate in traditional functions, in a modified yet still enjoyable manner.

Now through September 22nd, This Virgo energy will help a lot of begin to pinpoint what is necessary and operate with practicality. That may sound boring to some, and it used to be to me, but recently I’ve learned to value of routine and structure. I’m naturally one of those people that just wing it or go with the flow,. I’ve realized though that when I’m prepared on focused on full details that I enjoy it more, and I’m more at ease. So, its a good time for us to reset any resolutions or plans that we may have had to abandon and come back to them with a more detailed view, more organized, and the ability to communicate and get our point across more purposefully. Keep your eyes open for nitpicking or overworking yourself to burnout.

Virgo rules the 6th House : of daily routine, fitness, health, work, scheduling just to name a few.

Mercury Is In Virgo & Conjunct The Sun – From August 19th – September 5th, We will all, no matter your sign will be influenced by this conjunction transit. ( You’ll Need To Look At Your Natal Chart For Any Placements In Virgo, In Order To Apply Them Properly)

During this time, Especially if you are a: Libra, Gemini Or Virgo you might notice that you are more analytical and precise in your communication with others and more discriminating with who you are sharing your thoughts with, it will be important to connect with like minded people so that you don’t waste time getting caught up on trivial details that don’t create results or solutions. One of the signs that Mercury behaves well in is Virgo ( & Gemini) When Mercury is Conjunct the Sun it’s like a power boost.

You should be able to easily express yourself more clearly and with vigor, because this aspect helps to you to feel more alert and mentally sharp because it allows for your effort to be more conscious and present in any project you are involved with. You should be able to muster up the energy to initiate things that you’ve been avoiding. This is a good time to get into Beast Mode and get sh*t done.

Venus In Cancer from August 7th – September 6th will motivate us to find what makes us feel safe and secure, in order to get through another level of nurturing and being nurtured. This time can come with a lot of emotional ups and downs because this time turns us inward to really pay attention to what allows us to feel protected, and what our home base is when we need to recharge.

Mars In Aries – From June 27 – January 6,2021 – And seriously, (sighs) It seems like this year, there a freaking retrograde kicking in every other week. But, I think it becoming clear to many of us that we’ve got to really pay attention and connect to what is needed for us on personal as well as a collective level. We’ve got to get our shit together. Point Blank. Period.

On September 9th – November 13th ( The Day before the Election, So please make sure to exercise your right to vote) Mars Rules Aries, which basically means, its in the best place to press forward, and make things happen. Self Motivation is High, More Spontaneous & Courageous. This is such a good time, especially before the retrograde, To step up with more confidence and direct our energy more efficiently. This is the best time to figure out how you’re gonna get from one level to the next and HOW and more instinctively. Watch out for being super impatient, dangerously impulsive and arrogant.

Go Get Em, Tiger 🙂

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