Thursday August 27th 2020 – Daily Overview – Moon In Capricorn & Venus-Neptune Trine

What’s Happening Today – August 27th 2020

Hey Yall! So today the moon has packed up from the sign of the archer, Sagittarius and will settle into Capricorn at 1:37PM EST. Clearing the air from any tension from the square that was happening over the past couple of days.

The moon moves through spends about 2- 2 1/2 days in each sign, this allows each of us the opportunity to check in emotionally regularly.Imagine that there is a classroom with 12 students ( the signs) and the moon takes attendance of each sign. Lets say for example that the school, itself is the Sun sign and each month the school changes implements new policies based off of the energy of each sun sign. This is how things move and change each month, new policies, new adjustments etc..

So today the Moon checks in with Capricorn to assess the areas of our emotional well being that has to do with work, recognition, power, authority figures, Parents, specifically the father, Materialistic Desires, Public Identity, etc…

The sign of Capricorn is symbolized as the sea goat: A mountain goat with a fish’s tail. Sounds a bit silly, but if you really take a moment to think about the power associated with the archetype of Capricorn, you can understand how Capricorn energy can transform with Ultimate & Absolute POWER. Pretty Bad-ass If you ask me. The Capricorn represents has dual nature of navigating thru two spectrum’s ; The Heights of Mountain Tops and The Depth of the Sea.

Moon In Capricorn

The Moon itself is feminine in its expression, that’s why it rules the sign of Cancer, the sign of home & sensitivity. When its in the sign of Capricorn, it treads the area associated respect in and outside of the home. It’s a tug of war between what happens in the house and what’s perceived from the outside. This Moon Transit over the next couple of days will bring up discussions and reactions surrounding habitual routines. A good question that one could ask is: What is happening consistently that makes me powerful or powerless?

The good thing about this 2 day transit is that its trine the Sun in Virgo. Remember that the Sun is about outward expression and ways the personality is shown. The Moon is the Shadow which is the fuel for “feeling” what your doing.

This energy is good is you are an Earth Sign : Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. It helps you to feel, in control or creates an overall feeling of well being. You’ll be able to have easy going and pleasurable conversations with others and find a way to relate with people easily.

A Trine is a “fortunate” aspect because it mostly generates of feeling that you’re good, the down side of a trine is that it can also make us feel lazy or just not wanting to do too much. A Trine is ultimately the chill pill of the day lol. If you are a Taurus, its a ‘don’t kill my vibe’ type of day.

Capricorns and Virgos typically have a hard time with the energy because its difficult for them to relinquish control or NOT have something to do.

Today is all about directing energies to the areas understanding what you need to pursue personal goals and impulses, without being so concerned with what people will ‘think’about you. Recently, there’s been a push for change and figuring out what is stifling your personality.

Focus on respecting the needs of other but also honoring what is holding you back and allowing yourself the permission to identify your personal needs. One you make the commitment to the direction that you decide, you’ll be able to gain confidence in your footing and follow through with it. This is specifically geared to the interactions with others that you are involved with in relationships.

Venus / Neptune Trine – Romantic Encounters ? Trying Something New

This is such a good day for doing something different. individually or in relationships. Its an ideal day to solidify intentions within personal relationships. Boredom has probably set in recently with daily routines and you’re probably wanting something new to do.

Get To It over the next couple of weeks, this is a time to implement sonething new in your daily to routine to shake it up a little bit. During this period, you’ll come across people that are different from what you’ve been used to that will color parts of your life.

If a love scenario starts right now, its likely to be exciting and entertaining, but, short and unstable. So if you go into this, just keep in mind that this probably wont be long lasting. because one of the down sides of this transit, is an inaccurate perception of others. what you see won’t always be what you end up with in the long run. Consider this time as like the interview process, not the hiring stage lol. To keep it PG.

This is also believe it or not, to put off sexual pursuits and get into a more meditative state. Neptune, is all about the higher self, visions, dreams, meditation, spirituality, religious experiences and the prioritization of implementing such things into your everyday routine or if these are already in place then you’ll want to dig deeper into these areas. In place of relations/relationships, you may start working out, learning or listening to a new type of music, or arts. Anything along these lines, by the end of this transit you’ll probably hear yourself say alot. ” I never liked that, did that, tried that, but I do now”

This is time of refreshing of the spirit, easy improvements and redefining who or what you thought you were. Get to it : ). It will be worth it.



It’s time for a pick me up moment . The Venus-Neptune aspect gives positive energy surrounding areas of family, home, relationship, pleasure, and money. You may feel more intuitive around decisions that you’ve recently made. It’s also a fine time to spend with special people in your life, resolving issues, clearing tensions and for personal healing .

Emotionally you could be more focused on memories, sentimentality, and compassion.


This Venus and Neptune is all about communicating. You seem to be attracting the things you desire to you rather than chasing them, and this kind of energy is right up your alley.

There could be a connection to a friend, or you might make peace with someone. Authenticity is the key of the day. You might recognize feelings that you haven’t fully acknowledged in the past. You might enjoy a personal revelation or resource that now comes into view.

Gemini –

Venus helps harmonize and balance wherever it touches, is currently moving through the third house of money, values, and comfort. Finding balance between your wants and needs comes naturally these next couple of days. If you’ve been contemplating on how to do something you’ve wanted to pursue, you’ll get answers on how to fill in the blanks and gain sharper clarity.

Its a good time to check out your reflection and fine tune, how you really want to perceived and how you want to get your words across without such hesitancy.

Cancer –

A Venus-Neptune trine brings gentle energy that you vibe with well, It’s an ideal time to really get to the heart of the matter regarding the way that you understand what you need in a less emotional, yet subjective process.

Venus is currently transiting your sign. With this aspect’s support, your most gentle, refined, and appealing traits are enhanced for others to appreciate and value. Your ideals and how to accomplish them are clear and easy to manifest.

It’s a good time to forgive and heal. Opportunities for cooperation and mutual happiness seem more available with your current frame of mind. You’ll feel more purpose driven and practical. It’s an excellent time to let go of recent tendencies to self sabotage and overthinking.

Leo –

Today, Venus receives an enhancing aspect from dreamy Neptune, and you’re in fabulous shape for coming to terms with something from the past, particularly related to a relationship.

You may arrive at new insight or understanding, and you tend to see things in a more compassionate light. A release of a personal problem can be especially relieving and beneficial. There is more graciousness and compassion in relationships that you are learning to implement. Its important to embrace the relationship with yourself, you’re in the phase of realizing how to love and accept yourself completely.

Virgo –

Today’s energies are accepting, kind, gentle, and compassionate, which can serve as a welcome break from any recent drama and and breakdowns in communication. You should start to feel the dissolve of something unpleasant.

You seem to be more instinctive in how you support or receive support and love from partners and friends. Interactions with others tend to be smooth, flowing, and pleasing you shouldn’t get the feeling that you missed something.

There is a recognition that inner needs are just as important as outer needs or results, if not more, and you could be seeing previously overlooked possibilities as you recognize these things. You can find yourself in an excellent position to brainstorm or collaborate around activities regarding your household.

Libra –

Today, you may get a more concrete mindset of the type of interactions that are pleasant for you in a sustainable relationship. Understanding the balance of emotional security and personal independence tend to linger in the background of thoughts today.

Recent events have taught how to trust your intuition regarding relationships and you have become more aware of where you give too much of yourself and making the right choices. You may see possibilities and opportunities that you overlooked on busier days. .

Scorpio –

You might focus on healing yourself through acceptance and forgiveness. There can be a feeling of unburdening, letting go of negative things or thoughts, and enjoying others, and this is especially true if you venture outside of your usual boundaries, rules, limits, and routines. Sharing ideas and experiences with others can be fulfilling. You find it easy and satisfying to pace yourself today.

Learning to release the past is beneficial. . Sometimes, we need to forgive ourselves and move on, and this kind of thing is especially favored today.

Sagittarius –

 A cooperative and open-minded atmosphere around you helps you let go of a tendency to overthink and over explain. There can be a pleasing focus on the past, feelings, and inner needs and wants. You might figure out solutions to problems related to home, family, debt, and support quite intuitively.

Capricorn –

Sharing your thoughts and ideas can be part of this day, The talks seem to surrounding something very serious or is something you hold onto with the utmost importance. But these conversations it can help boost a relationship. Specifically with a male. You might release a burden or heal a previously held grievance.

Someone might put faith or validate your ideas or viewpoint, and this inspires you to learn and share more. With a Venus-Neptune aspect, it’s easier to see someone, and for others to see you, in a very favorable light. This atmosphere encourages you to express your feelings or share your ideas.

Aqaurius –

Your sixth sense can lead you to a useful method or technique for your work or a creative approach to a health problem. Bonding with others or a good mood can come from accepting and understanding a situation.

You are especially willing and open to helping others today, and a sense of inner joy and peace can be with you as you find more meaning in what you’re doing. It’s a good time to offer your services or advance a work matter. Love, pleasure, and comfort are in favor. Bonding with others, if you choose to pursue, happens organically.

Pisces –

Venus, in your romance and creativity sector, harmonizes with Neptune, which happens to be in your own sign. It’s a subtle booster transit, and the best way to harness this energy is to embrace your softer traits.

Venus attracts rather than pursues, making this a strong time for magnetizing good things, people, attention, and situations into your life. Boundaries between you and others tend to soften, and bonds can strengthen. Your most natural qualities are appreciated. Even more importantly, it’s a time to recognize inner and spiritual values more fully. You might come to peace on a matter.