Unlikely Allies – Depression and Astrology Part 1

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In Astrology there are several indicators that strongly suggests the timing and onset for depression.


In this article series we will be discussing some of the strong aspects in a natal chart and how these aspects can indicate depression in an individual. There are people who are considered of hereditary predisposition to depression, and this is certainly up for debate.  Whether it is an organic influence such as an imbalance of brain chemistry or an outside event that precipitates an episodic occurrence of depression is not really the point here, it is the timing of such events that needs to be considered so that the chart holder can have ample warning for the preparation of psychological strategies. An astrology natal report can also offer insight into some of the challenges that the person has been dealing with.

“I am strong, I am capable and I will not give up”

Saturn Square( a tense astrology aspect) to the Sun(The sun sign ex: aries, leo etc)

Saturn Square Sun – or the struggle to shine.  With Saturn getting involved with Sun in a dominating way the person would feel it to be very strenuous to get professional or public admiration . This placement can make a person feel as if they are always in someone else shadow and has to work very very  hard for recognition. If there is a long term aspect in a natal chart the person will struggle for some time with the emotional discontent. This can lead to extreme depression due to the very nature of feeling overlooked, or less than those around the native, ESPECIALLY because they are working so damn hard.

This square should be viewed as a character building process, sometimes a very loooong process. Many successful ( not just financially, but  have respect in the community or in the public eye) people have squares in their chart.  They just keep going and that be hard some days. It VERY important with this placement to take everything one at time and day by day. In construction, the most important factor is the foundation or frame work, without a solid foundation, it won’t matter how many marvel or “praise the building( sun – what can be seen) if it’s not structurally sound it can come down and bring harm and devastation to others. Stay patient, you are building a foundation,  You are the cornerstone.

“I’ve felt these feelings before and I have sat with them and so I can sit with them today”

The tension in this placement is INTENSE but try one day at a time by re-channeling the energy the depths of despair that you are experiencing and  to use it as motivation to uncover all that chaos into constructive behavior. And don’t do it for anyone else approval, turn inwards and recognize your wonderful God-given abilities no matter how small or insignificant that you think that they might be.

“I felt like giving in before and held onto hope and so… I can continue to hold on today”

To name a few things to start with the aspects usually gives the person a very strong business acumen, they are steady and persistent because they have learned to discerning of people and circumstances. This is a gift, it’s your strength.

You can work this square or depression and discovery your own self assurance. Do not do yourself such an injustice as allowing other people to determine your worth or put a price on you and your abilities. This placements wants you to build a strong sense of self.

Although, early life may not have been easy by any means necessary,  Saturn is like the Dad who disciplines a child and teaches a lesson and then rewards them. Saturn will reward  the person for “working hard” and will at some time will unleash the recognition that they  desired but also what they deserve accompanied with  respect  and dignity.

“I can make  it through today, I can do it, I WILL do it … I AM doing it”

This placement if worked through patiently, would contribute to greatness from the foundations of the self  which would not be easily forgotten or moved. The outcome would be a deep rooted respect and honor for this native.

I would also suggest looking into a progressed chart for the native as a progressed chart would also be able to show some of the “work or struggle that has already been completed and hopefully should provide the native with a since of hope and encouragement. Also,  look in the chart for the Jupiter placement ( Planet of luck and abundance, joy, humor, etc) for some relief.

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