Venus in Aries Retrograde 2017 – “The heart wants what the heart wants or it doesn’t care at all”- Emily Dickinson


    With Venus in Aries moving backward(retrograde), There’s an invitation for us to take second look and review the path of your heart. Depending on where Venus is in your personal natal chart, this change could be subtle or it could be so obvious that it’s like a slap right dab in the middle of your face.

This retrograde period invites you to take a thorough inventory of who YOU are, and what really matters to YOU when it comes to your heart.  Some of the intuitive hints this transit is presenting to you are ; How do you love yourself, what do you love, who do you love? Am I balanced in my relationship? (personal, professional, romantically? How is my love being expressed?  Can there be changes made from me to make room for the type of love that I truly desire? Are you giving too much love to the wrong people? Is this I relationship I entered out of honor and commitment or by accepting a truth that is not my own ? Is the love you give to people and things like your job a true reflection of your heart’s desire?

Venus in Aries moving back into Pisces wants to realign matters of the mind, heart and spirit.  Venus’ energy is embarking on a new journey which requires change and a “new mapping update” so to speak . Pretty heavy stuff, right? The good news is that since the Aries energy is leading the way, The courage and bravery that is needed to conquer these issues are fully available to each of us.

Because Venus doesn’t retrograde often, this is certainly something that you should be attention to.  Venus retrogrades for about a six weeks every 18 months. So when the planet of love slows down and retraces her journey, whatever sign she stops to go back in is where the focus should be.

Venus represents Love, how we love, beauty, relationships,  the things that we find beautiful,  money and what we want to spend money on, she’s magnetic, so she represents (physical) attraction, she likes to bring Love together with all things to make it refined and harmonious.  The energy of Venus in all people is to bring our ideal of love to reality and to allow us to get real comfy in it. She really wants to bring our dreams and desire to fruition, In the sign of aries, things get a little tricky or childlike

Love at first sight?

Venus in Aries brings to mind to term “puppy love”, When she is Aries, her idea of love is childlike    in the sense that she is open to receive and give love freely, there’s no  hesitation or discouragement in her way, she is out to get all the things that the heart wants, even if it is detestable to her in a few weeks. This placement can be very generous with love and sex. This is a placement where love can happen at the drop of a dime and next thing you know this person has moved in with another or ran off and eloped because the love just felt so amazing, like a spark, a wildfire.

In this placement, Venus in Aries says ” hey we like each other, let’s be together forever and be happily ever after” never mind the fact that we just met yesterday and I barely know anything about you, I like you and I want you, lets Bonnie and Clyde this thing out and anyone who has any contradicting thoughts about us, f*ck them. “its me and you against the world.”

I have this placement in my natal chart and when I was younger this energy was rampant and I couldn’t figure out why things just didn’t work out but nonetheless a few weeks later I’d meet another suitor and be off to the races again. (This placement has progressed in my chart Thank God) So as I write about this, The image that comes to mind is that teen aged, middle school “love” also known as infatuation.

The Venus in Aries placement can cause you to be so blinded by the idea of love that you neglect the truth;  such as the new boo – doesn’t have a job or any type of plans for the future or new boo is really lazy or bae was really charming but is now really controlling or abusive, Bae is a great kisser or a beast in the sheets but has another relationship going on at the same time as this one.

This is the love at first sight placement, this placement is like the scene on television, where everything stops and the room fills with a hazy fog and the person floats across the room directly to you(attraction, magnetic pull). There’s a lot of innocence to this placement.

The flip side to this placement is unrivaled chasing, When an Venus in Aries person is into you, you will know it. Everybody and they mama will know it! lol.  Especially, when the placement is early in the degrees of the sign of Aries, the energy is more potent. It says I like you and you need to like me back too because I’m where the honey is at, honey” lol.

As I write this I can laugh because of my approach towards some of my crushes in middle and high school ( A little embarrassed but so thankful for growth and maturity)  My “first boyfriend” was in Kindergarten, his name was Patrick, (didn’t know his last name) we rode the bus together and I had a little crush on him, and I walked up to him one day when we got off the bus that I was Devin and that he was going to be my boyfriend and to wait for me on the playground at recess so that we could play Ninja Turtles and he said “Okay” and sure enough there he was at recess waiting for me.  LOL. about a week later, I was tired of playing with Patrick because all he wanted to do was go swing and play with the other kids and I wasn’t having it.  Just as we were getting into our new romance, it fizzled and I was ready to move on, I had made a new friend and no longer interested.  LOL.  Seriously, guys this is the energy of this placement it will pursue and claim but once the “new smell rubs off”  Venus begins to see a completely different picture than what was going on inside his/her head, the intentions were good, but there was no follow through, no contemplation of how the new love would benefit her or harm them.

So, now that we have a “mile marker” on our map of what this looks like let’s find out what Venus is really desires to express from the heart. During this retrograde Venus will put the brakes on head backwards at 13 degrees in Aries, to be honest, Venus in Aries at this degree could make you feel a little feisty and b*tchy and you may be urged to  reclaim and express the right type of love that you desire. Venus wants to bring the right type of Love into physical manifestation, not the foggy, hazy, drunk in love bullsh*t.

Venus in Pisces – Caught up in the rapture of love.

Interestingly,  Most folks don’t stop and look around until they find something or someone that they love. In my own opinion, I like this retrograde because its calling us to turn inwards and take stock of what is good, bad, indifferent, chaotic, and for cause this time.  Venus goes to 27 degrees of Pisces, the sign of deep, sympathetic, I want a soul mate, the ying to my yang, The “I will cross a ocean for you type of love”.  This is deep stuff, Something happened to Venus during this transit and she needs to figure it out( Or what she is requesting us to do) Its best to use this energy to go for what we really desire and to KNOW what we really desire so that we are will not become distracted by “mirages of happiness”

The last time Venus was in Pisces at 27 degrees was Tuesday January 31,2017.  Venus in Pisces is Exalted, or in other words, She’s very comfortable here, and especially at 27 degrees, She is caught up in the rapture of love, in a desirable trance almost. This is deep, unconditional love, compassionate love without boundaries.  So think back to this time frame, check your emails, texts, social media etc because whatever was going on at the time regarding love, beauty, relationships of all kinds, liquid money etc.. Will be coming back up again.

Venus in Pisces, here is love on a spiritual level, its intuitive and meaningful. This placement has two sides to it. 1) I love you unconditionally, 2) I love you so unconditionally that I will be a doormat for you and let you take me granted and I will still be here loving you.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, it’s the final house stop before it starts all over again in Aries, Pisces is a highly evolved sign, contrary to popular belief. Pisces is a combination of all the signs before it, therefore the characteristics of Pisces tend to be revealed slowly but surely. Pisces tend love music, they are known to make great friends because they don’t mid helping, they are very artistic and creative, some are into art, music, dance, or creative hobbies.

Venus is basically love & wealth and Pisces is the sign of spirituality , SO there is a message here that says the real love and wealth is spiritual love and wealth. Venus in Pisces brings the opportunity for Universal Love and Love without Conditions. Venus in Pisces is beautiful but has its downside because their love is 100% love, They don’t want money, property or good looks or the perfect physique they are only in search of the “feeling” of pure love and it’s hard to find that type of love in everyone and everyone will not want to extend that type of love.

 Venus’ Call To Action

This transit calls for a realistic look at love. not the storybook type of love but the type of love that still has honor and commitment even in the face of passing threats. Or perhaps, recognizing that sometimes self love is the best kind of love needed.

So, Venus headed back to Pisces from Aries, is definitely calling us for a love “bootcamp’.  Venus going back here to its exalted state means that there is an urge to reevaluate our view of love but with appropriate boundaries. We can love and love deeply but not at the expense of others, sometimes people have to be loved from a distance. Or can we let go of some of our own selfish desires and receive unconditional love from others and most importantly from ourselves.

Can we forgive ourselves from loving the wrong people and move forward bravely and boldly to love freely again? OR will we through a pity party for ourselves and intoxicate and escape our problems? Can we love deeply without getting lost in our lovers world, Can we spread that love through humanity?  Can we love and embrace our talents and be bold and presenting them to the world,

ON April 15, the planet will then move forward through the rest of Aries with fresh energy and ideas and how to “make it work” and then into Taurus to make it last a lifetime and leave a legacy and so on and so forth.  We have a big opportunity to essentially hit rewind, get a second chance and try again. God is good for providing us with opportunities like retrogrades because he knew we would need “do overs” and he uses these movements to get our attention.

Because this retrograde involves the Love planet, you can expect old lovers to come back, or an old lover will be on your mind. You may get a chance to find closure to a situation that was draining you or holding you back from pursuing the objects of your affections. This period is not one of starting a brand spanking new relationship but it could be a time to mend an old but healthy relationship but go slow, align your head and your heart.

If you are dealing with a broken heart or old would this is definitely a time to clean them out and prepare for healing. This transit, for me personally is in my sixth house,  I can see some places where I need to reboot, some places where I need to improve my daily routines,  allow myself to make appropriate changes in my diet and exercise routine so that I can be the best me.  And to beware fully aware of when a new beginning needs to embarked upon and release the fear associated with new beginnings in my work life.

If you need to know where this transit will touch you personally, you can enter your info below for a free birth chart. And for a more in depth look at this transit and how it could affect, order a report, for a more in depth and individual look insight into yourself.  And if you have anything to say regarding the Venus Retrograde please comment below.

Much Love –


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